(Passed Practical) EthanT2 ATC Tracking Thread


Welcome all to my tracking thread! Feedback is very encouraged as I am still learning and want to get better and improve

  • Server will always be Training Server
  • Airports that I’m controlling at will vary, will usually be at airports with 1/2 perpendicular runways

(CLOSED) Joslleymiguel_Holand ATC Tracking Thread - @TNCM

Open at EGSS

  • Ground + Tower
  • Patterns allowed
  • Departing and landing runway 22
  • Open for 35-45min


Would you prefer Gatwick, that has two. I’m just leaving there now so take over if u like


I’m now closed, sorry I didn’t get to your comment quicker.


Open at EGKK

  • Tower+Ground
  • Pattern work allowed
  • Landing/ Departing 26L/ 26R
  • Open for 30-45min


G’day Ethan.

I like your controlling. There’s some things you didn’t do though, which is fine because you are learning!

When I requested a runway change, you just cleared me for the option. You need to give pattern entry for the new runway (VH-LJR, enter left downwind runway 26L), and then clear to land/option, also a sequence if required.

Hope to see you again soon. 🙂


Thanks for the feedback, I was a little clueless on what to do when you requested runway change as It appeared the only option was “Unable”, Thanks for letting me know about that however.


Open at EDDL

  • Tower+Ground
  • Patterns allowed
  • Departing/ Landing 23L/ 23R
  • Open for 35-45min


I will do a pattern! callsign IFCRILEY


You should stay open for at minimum 1 hour to give people time to join. :)


You should send “avoid uncessary reports, you’re already cleared to land” to @Riley_Grim and Lufthansa 3445 Heavy. There’s no need to report position on each leg of the pattern. The only time when it’s ok to report position is when an aircraft wants to report full stop. This should only happen when they are cleared for the option or remaining in the pattern. :)


Ah okay, I figured those position reports were unnecessary


@EthanT2 thanks for controlling! I look forward to joining you again!


Thanks for coming!


You did pretty well, the maintain slowest practical was uncessary though. As we’re all VFR in the pattern it’s our job to maintain proper seperation. Since Lufthansa was entering left base and we were on left downwind, he would have had a visual of the traffic.


That one I was debating sending, since it was training server I didn’t know how well he would follow the plane ahead of him, and since i know the A340 is a lot faster then the Citation I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the suggestion though!


Treat them like they know what they’re doing until you know they don’t. :)


That’s fair, thanks for coming!


Open at LGAV

  • Tower+Ground
  • Patterns allowed
  • Departing and Landing 03L/03R
  • Open for 1hr-1hr15min


I shall come my friend
And worship your ATC skills