[ Passed practical ] Emiel_l's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] - @N/A

I am making my written test in 2 weeks so I want to practise

Airport - EDDL
Server - Training Server
Frequenties - Ground & Tower
Runways in use - N/A
Current status - Closed

It would be really kind if you come over and do some patternwork, and if you’re amazing, leave some feedback!


I can’t really give feedback because I am in the learning process too,but I am coming


Thank you so much @anon2996007!

tip: spawn at the other side of the airport, saves 5 minute taxi lol

Sure, I’ll stop by in my TBM

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You were okay.
“Exit runway when able” was way too late…
But it’s good that you said that I was already cleared to land when I said I was downwind and base.

TL;DR: you almost forgot my “exit runway when able” callout, if you are not sure if I’m doing touch and go or landing just check my speed on the ground.

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All in all great work! Here are a few little things you can improve:

  1. I asked for frequency change when holding short the runway but you should have said already cleared to change frequency as its included in the taxi command
  2. the first time somebody declared full stop you treated the command like a report position command after clearance and said „already cleared to land…“
  3. you gave me the exit the runway command way too early when I was flaring! The best speed to give exit runway commands is at about 70kts (safe and controlled speed)
    The rest was done excellent: you correctly cleared my transition at a safe altitude (min 2500ft AGL) and corrected my false runway approach as well as noticing and correcting my unnecessary reports!
    All in all nearly perfect in my opinion!
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Thanks for the feedback @Infinite_Qantas & @anon2996007. Will review it in an hour!

Yeah I couldn’t find the button for that😬

Yeah I need to work on the exit runway when able. I find it difficult to see if someone is exiting the runway or not

Thanks for the feedback guys! I plan on opening tomorrow evening again 💪

Probably you found out already about the frequency change one, but if not it’s located on the bottom of Misc. Messages

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Open EDDL Training Server

Happy Easter mate! I’ll see if I can join later in the day.

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Thank you @Vinne!
I am still open if you want to join now!

Are you still open?

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yes. I actually was about to close. but if you have time now you could surely come! Not sure for how long though. At least 20 minutes

are you coming? Otherwise I’ll close now. Had a good 2 hours controlling!

Closed now

Thanks for everyone who came, esspecially all 5 pilots from AFKLM & GAVA joining.
Learned some new things today. Thanks!

I’ll come if you open up Rotterdam Den Haag 😍

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lol how long do you expect to come?

Just a quick takeoff and landing, maybe even some pattern work.

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