[Passed Practical] Contract419Juliett’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I will be controlling Ground and Tower at EICK. I would really appreciate advice and to get the practice! Anyone who would be kind enough to come and do some pattern work, I would greatly appreciate it. Of course, anyone coming to operate a normal flight is welcome also.


I’ll swing by :)

Hey! Coming by

Sorry I have a crazy headache and can’t continue.
Ok feedback.
Not sure why you gave me 28 when 16 was perfectly in front of me. If you have a plan you can always change my runway up. Second, I don’t know why you gave my progressive taxi instructions as they weren’t needed, I should of stayed in ground when you gave me the crossing clearance on tower, you told me to cross the runway and to expedite which was not needed, you never gave me a direction as to what traffic to go. Left/right traffic. This is important to aircraft in remaining in the pattern as it tells them to go to the left or right. Lastly you told an A320 holding short of 16 that they were clear for takeoff on 28.

Controlling feedback is in DM’s.

Overall you performed solidly, just a few things to bring up on, but you’ll get it in no time!
Thanks for the great session,

Luke :)

Thanks for the feedback. Just to correct you on the last bit. The hold short point for RWY16 AND 28 at EIDW is the same at the intersection where he was holding short. If you look at it on Google maps you will see the markings.

I’m pretty sure they were at the intersection before the one I know your talking about. I’ll check it out later. :)

The title is supposed to be [Closed] @ N/A. Just a reminder :)

Please see this screenshot - even if they were at the intersection before, the hold short point for 28 is before you cross 16/34.


Ahh my bad I thought I saw them at the one before that. My bad! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Dublin is very weird in that there is also a hold short point for 28 on RWY 16/34!! 🤣

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OPEN as of December 7th @ 1719!

Open at EICK right now.

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