Passed my practical please close this thread

Ex-IFATC member, thinking about joining again. Just trying to see if I can remember anything. πŸ˜‚

Training server - Feel free to come on by for some patterns.


I’ll stop by in around 5 minutes

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Wonderful :D

Sorry, was having a tough time with the wind & controlling the aircraft after touch & go after the 2nd landing. But on the patterns that I did, the sequencing & clearances were perfect. Great sequencing for the 2nd pattern. The experience shows.

Good luck.

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Thank you very much! Yeah I saw you kinda just crabbed the aircraft off the runway. xD Thank you for coming :D

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Beirut, OLBA, now open. Training server - T&G

Nvm that was a bad idea…

Passed my practice you can close this thread now thank you