Passed my Instrument Exam!

I feel good about today’s refresher. I passed my oral, but due to the weather and the examiner’s broken plane, I can finally try again tomorrow to prove that I am ready to become instrument rated. Just do what I usually should mean a pass unless the examiner wants to add a twist to the test.


Good luck!

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Good luck to you!

Exam tomorrow. I will do everything I can to pass.

Good job on the oral! Hopefully you will find another day to get that rating finished.

Make sure you are 100% proficient on partial panel approaches!


Good Luck!


Shouldn’t be a big problem, I fly G1000 with electronic standby. but the examiner can make me do step down without the aid of WAAS.

All the best mate! let us know the outcome.

On my ride he failed both AHRS and ADC. Just so ya know…

For those who dont fly, or are not familiar with the G1000 systems:

AHRS, or the Attitude Heading Reference System consists of 4 instruments: Attitude indicator, Heading indicator, Rate of Turn indicator, and your slip skid or turn coordinator.

ADC, or the Air Data Computer also consists of four instruments: Altimeter, Airspeed, Vertical Speed, and OAT(Outside Air Temperature)

Did he use stickers? Since Garmin doesn’t allow examiners to turn off PFD completely. I am more worried about him makes me use paper charts. That’s completely fair and legal, but I never use it.

No my university has a plastic cover that covers everything except for your Glideslope and your hsi course. Looks like this:

My examiner did not have me use paper approach plates, however I would reccomend having the low enroute chart, and vfr sectional chart on paper.

ERAU? I heard they use that! Wow that’s makes it a lot harder. My examiner also recommends a paper chart, but since I prefer IFR over VFR I would probably grab a IFR low.

I would have both just to be safe :)

Also if you take it in a steam gauge, expect a vacuum system failure… not fun

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Good luck!

Good luck to you. Just remember focus on what your instructor says and try to not mess up!

Just a heads up the examiner is 100% allowed to turn the PFD off on you, that’s the most common way of doing partial panel in the G1000. Not to worry, just hit the display backup and you’re good to go, much easier than partial panel in a 6 pack.

He can turn it dark, but today he uses stickers to fail my ADC, but I still have my transponder.

It took me long enough due to the examiner isn’t available. To clarify. Yes, the examiner can turn off the brightness of the PFD, and he gives me a question with a twist as expected. He uses STICKERS to cover up my air data computer. However, they can’t disarm the system because I will lose my transponder, and the controller will rant at me. The result is a pass, starting commercial tomorrow.