Passed my 10th hour in training.

Today marked hour 11(.3) in training for my PPL. It was gorgeous but a bit gusty. Here’s some photos from today.

image image image


Congratulations! Always nice to get a step closer to the license. Happy flying :)


Congratulations! Keep following your dreams!
I’m assuming PPL stands for Private Pilots License


Yes it does. Thanks!!

You said it, thanks!

Congrats! I wish you the best!

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Thanks! :)

Nice. Hope you got some fun flying in gusty conditions. Do you happen to know what the winds were when you flew?

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Variable at 10

The wind direction was just completely wacky

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What would be the 3 most important tips for a future pilot. I’m going to start training for a PPL soon.

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  1. Save your money up. You’ll want to fly as much as it’s practical, the better you can stay proficient the easier it will be in the end.
  2. Study, study, study. Watching videos online, doing some book work helps. Get your hands on an FAA practice exam textbook if you can, I recommend ASA.
  3. Listen and watch what your instructor shows you during instruction. And don’t let bouncy, uncoordinated landings get you down in the beginning, no one can land worth crap in the start… Trust me haha, I left with a bruised spine after one of my landings today. ;)

Glad to hear that you made it to ppl are you going to continue climbing to your commercial license?


Nothing like a fun day out in the wild

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Yes. I’m planning on it.

Congrats.but if i may ask would you prefer a cadetship or the old way of getting ppl,cpl and then type rating

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Gotta get the ratings one way or another. I’m just gonna go the old fashioned way

Went up for some landings this gorgeous and very smooth evening… even brought some friends up for their first ride in a small airplane. Everyone had a blast.


That’s great! What airline are you thinking about flying for?

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Whichever one will take me hahah. If I had the choice I’d probably choose American.