Passed IFATC practical

Thanks to my amazing recruiter @Chris_Hoss and amazing trainer @Aiden_Forusz i finally passed the practical!!! Thank you so much to you guys for helping me achieve this on my third try 😬. My I couldn’t have passed the practical without my trainer, and the written without my recruiters help. And ofc all of the pilots who participated in my training and my tests. Once again thank you so much!!!


Glad you passed, it’s always that last attempt which is a more nervous feeling. Hope you enjoy your time in IFATC!


Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your time in the team :)

Congrats for passing the practical!

Welcome to the team!

Congratulations!!! Welcome to the true club of nerds 😎😎😎

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Bruh that means something coming from you

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Congratulations and Welcome to the Team!

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Congratulations and welcome!!!

Congratulations @USAviation1 truly marks a milestone in your IFATC journey, can’t wait to see you controlling the skies. 🍾

Congrats bud! It was a pleasure training you!

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Congrats and welcome to the team. Nice job @Aiden_Forusz!

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Congrats and welcome in!!

Welcome onboard

Welcome aboard!

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