Passed CPL! First Job as Commercial Pilot

Thank you! Great advice. Where were you a line tech?

San Jose Airport SJC. Doesn’t have to be a big airport like that, one like Novato would be great too

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Congrats on the new cert Chris!

Congrats! I’m about to do my PPL Checkride soon! Super excited for that. Do you plan on getting your CFI/I ratings?

No plans for CFI. Getting my multi next month then planning to fly corporate


How did it fly? Easy? Im hopefully working on getting there soon. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you get that job ferrying the Arrow?

Flew very well. Previous owner had it for decades and kept it in pristine condition inside and out.

As for how I landed the opportunity, I’ve been doing some odd jobs for a broker over the last few years. He’s been a great mentor for me and I just so happened to get my commercial the same week this Arrow needed to be ferried so it all aligned pretty well.


oh sweet! i might look into that kind of flying…ferrying

Congratulations mate awesome!

Congratulations!!! That is amazing!!!

that same baron is for sale now!

no way! and this is for sale too!

How much is the plane in total in best detail you can give

seeing its “call for price” and the other piper arrowʻs on, a good 100k-50k

Yep there’s both on the market! Ferried them down for a broker I work for in San Jose

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Nice! I’m currently in the process of getting my instrument rating. I think that next year is when I get my commercial license.

Can’t believe I missed this topic! CONGRATULATIONS @cleipelt! Look how far you’ve come, absolutely amazing. Here’s to a bright future with blue skies and many flight hours. Enjoy!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!! that’s a big deal!

Congrats Man!


Sweet flight and excellent pictures…

Starting my PPL lessons in a few months, so i get the feeling, at least a little. Probably not winding up commercial, though.