[PASS WRITTEN] RayWang's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ZSPD

You just went offline?

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Nope I’m still here

Ah my phone die,Sorry I’m coming back

Its Alright, couldn’t stay for much longer too

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Closed thanks all for coming

I was JAY636 in the TBM

Everything was great!
Just one thing. After I called in for full stop, you did not give me a landing clearance.
Everything else was perfect!

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Check our ATC Schedule this week!!!

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Hello everyone! Tomorrow I’ll be open for 2 events,make sure you check out our event and All the follow event will open for pattern!

welcome to join!


OPEN Paris Orly (LFPO)

06/08/02 in use pattern work

Closed LFPO


VHHH 25L/R in use Open pattern Welcome to stop by

On my way!

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Sorry I couldn’t taxi to parking wind knocked me over. And sorry for my taxing wind did that two. You got a couple things wrong

1.) I said USCG1401 Taxing to RWY 25L
Twice. And you failed to send duplicate messages.

2.) When I was on right downwind I reported position for full stop. This is allowed but only because I was informing you I was stopping touch n goes.
And than I reported that I was on right base, you shloud have told me to shut up right there (Alreadt cleared to land avoid sending duplicate messages)
Other than that you got everything spot on!
Don’t feel bad about this just remember this is a learning experience!

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CLOSED thanks All

Hi guys! I’m just pass the written test! Thanks everyone for helping me! Thanks all!



EGKK training for my Practical test 26L/R in use


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Hi I was N045LB in a F-16.

  • I didn’t ask for that first runway change. If that was just practice, it’s ok. But it wasn’t a necessary runway change.

  • Work on sending faster clearances.

That’s all. Cheers 🍻

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Thanks all


ZSPD training for my Practical test 33/35/36L/R in use

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