Pascal2910's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m practing for my ATC practical test on training server.
Feel free to join at OMDB to do some patterns, runway changes and transitions.
Opened runways are 30L and 30R, opened frequencies are ground and tower.
Please only serious players.

It would also help me a lot of you would leave some feedback afterwards.

Thank you a lot! :)

Please check this for assistance with creating ATC tracking threads:

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Thank you !

Wait I’m coming, just need to plan

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Closing in 15 minutes

I edited the title for you, don’t forget to edit it again to [CLOSED] when you close.

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thank you. I will do that.

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I’m opened at training server HECA. To practise for my ATC practical test.
Please come do some patterns, runway changes or transitions.
Opened runways are 05L/05C/05R
My frequencies: ground and tower.
Please only serious players!

It would help me a lot if you leave some feedback! I hope to see you soon at HECA :)

Opened for about 30 minutes.

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plz dont forget the feedback. It would be very helpful to me :)

Great controlling had some aircraft problems though

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Thank you! Do you have any advise for me to keep in mind while doing my atc test?

Hey! Thanks for controlling And I’m just gonna help you out with some tips/general feedback for you to be ready for your practical!

Callsign : infinite flight 312

1.) first focus will be on the beginning of an aircrafts pattern.

  • so I was cleared for takeoff runway 5L to make left traffic, good job there
  • next I was instructed to enter a left downwind for 5L… now, I will explain this by first stating that aircraft are expected to enter the parts of the patter on there own after given a the right/left traffic. In this case you do not need to give me a pattern entry👍
  • the only time that you as tower will give a pattern entry instruction is for inbound aircraft, and aircraft on a runway change… that’s it😉

2.) as I was the only one in pattern for runway 5L there was obviously now sequencing so you did the correct step in saying “number one cleared for the option runway 5L”… but!!! In your practical you are going to need to be able to clear earlier, so in my case and what I do is once you see I’m airborne and entering the correct traffic pattern if you want, then that is when you can sequence (if needed) and clear for the option.

3.) the runway change!!! Well done 👍 you gave me a pattern entry, sequenced (I was 1😉) and cleared me.

  • but I think I can give some input on how the situation you ran into a little easier for you and less dangerous as to how close we all were. So I’m entering left downwind for runway 5R, an aircraft is inbound runway 5C and another has taken off from runway 5R and entering patterns for 5L… immediately you need to focus on the guy in patterns for 5L and make sure they will not turn base and cut off an inbound on final for 5C, Tyler says, don’t keep secrets, and her immediately tell that plane to extend downwind and they should understand that this is for separation purposes. And as for me I was extending upwind to separate from the inbound but you called my base. Which was good because now the inbound is farther in than me and the other plane and by u calling my base then I know you want me to turn in being closer inbound than the other guy who will most likely be now turning base out away from me!!

4.) a few side things…

  • I reported on final for full stop and was given the misc message of already cleared to land…etc
  • now the reason that an aircraft in a pattern will do this is only to help you the controller out in knowing that they plan on landing and exiting the runway and all you need to say is “roger”.
  • once you see me rolling down to/under 70kts give me an exit runway command please 😉 and I’ll say “Wilco”

My apologies on the extensive feedback but I wish the best for you and I personally have thrived on past feedback and this stuff is easy to fix and essential for you becoming IFATC


If you disagree or don’t understand something I said, pm me because it is important to be clear on anything and I don’t bite 😂

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Thank you so much!! This helps me a lot and I’m really thankful for the time you put in it.
I’m sorry about the “already cleared to land” I thought that was the way it works but thanks for telling me.
I also thought it wasnt necessary to say " exit rw " everytime but I will do that from now on.
Again thanks a lot for all the effort:)

I’m opened at training server KLGA. To practise for my ATC practical test.
Please come do some patterns, runway changes or transitions.
Opened runways are 31 and 22
My frequencies: ground and tower.
Please only serious players!

It would help me a lot if you leave some feedback! I hope to see you soon at KLGA :)

Sorry, the app crashed. But otherwise, all things were perfect

Sorry for the go around. Expected the plane to depart faster because I cleared for immediate takeoff… but he took his time.

You’re right on that, but @Pascal2910 if an aircraft, that isn’t making patterns, says his position while you already cleared, him you should give the “already cleared to land” - command.

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One things I want to double check with you, last year I was flying in expert server, ATC: Runway 25L Clear to land, IFCN-582: CLR to land…, and than I did same report with you, IFCN-582: Air China 582 is on Final Runway 25L Full Stop! ATC: you are already clear to land avoid send necessary report. So I am confused right now, who is right?🤔

Thanks for saying. I’ll keep it in mind.

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