Parwinder.singh’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED] @NA

Airport: UUDD
Server: Training
Status: OPEN
Time: 2022-08-21T08:49:00Z2022-08-21T10:10:00Z

Hello everyone, i am open at UUDD airport on ground and tower frequency. Anyone looking to practise pattern and sequencing can join. This will not only help you but also help me in my upcoming exam.

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Pretty good overall, just a few points:

  • the extend downwind wasn’t necessary as the sequencing means that it is the pilot’s responsibility to maintain separation but nice thinking
  • The exit runway was slightly late but at least I was still on the runway

Other than that the runway changes were good, well done!

Jordan - GolfZuluZulu

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Hello! @Parwinder_Singh
Thank you for the service. I was 6O-SMA and I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [09:02:52] No traffic direction (Make left/right traffic) on my first inbound after the transition
  • [09:03:53] Unnecessary “extend downwind” for The TBM (forgot their callsign)
  • [09:13:01] inefficient pattern entry for my runway change
  • [09:15:13] Unnecessary clearance to land after full stop report


  • Traffic direction on clearances (“make left/right traffic”) should be added for take-off clearances (remaining in the pattern), inbound for T&G and runway changes clearances only. When I called inbound for touch in go after my transition I didn’t receive a traffic direction on my clearance.

  • The use of “extend downwind” is reserved for critical situations where separation between aircraft might be compromised, only. During pattern work, controllers are expected to trust their sequencing, and that pilots will maintain proper speeds and separations at all times. This commands should not be used unless there’s an evident risk (i.e. need more spacing for departures)

  • when an aircraft requests runway change on upwind (with parallel runways) it’s more efficient to split the traffic; all traffic on left runways should remain on left traffic and all on right runways should remain on right traffic. Instead of entering me right downwind, it would’ve been more efficient to enter me left downwind.

  • When you clear an aircraft for the option, you are not only clearing them for a touch and go, but for landing for full stop. When the pilot reports their position + “full stop”, it’s a courtesy of them to announce this is the last landing. Controller is expected to respond to this courtesy with “Roger” and should not clear them to land, if they were already cleared for the option.

It was a very nice session, just a few minor issues here and there. You obviously got the fundamentals down. Great work out there! Hope to see you in IFATC soon 🙌

Let me know if you have any doubts here or by sending me a PM, I’ll be happy to help.
Sabir :)


Thank you all for your feedbacks, especially @BT_HANDLES for such a detailed advices. I learn something new from each one of your feedbacks. I will put these pointers in my brain and this will surely help me in my exam. Thank you for joining.

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No issue on my end buddy
Nice transition
Pattern sequence etc.
But try to listen aircraft what he said landing or touch and GO

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I know I mistakenly cleared for the option instead of landing. My bad :(

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No problem its just time to learn we also confused between these things

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I am open at VOHS for ATC practical exam preparation. Anyone looking to help me can join.

Airport: VOHS
Server: Training
Status: OPEN

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@BT_HANDLES @anant ?

@Monty …….

Yes buddy what happen

Coming buddy

I opened VOHS for practice but have to close it due to no aircraft’s

Opening again

No problem you just close for now

Can we do Tomorrow ill come with few people and try to make real training.


Airport: VOHS
Server: Training
Status: OPEN

Areas to test me:

  1. Pattern
  2. Sequencing
    And any other of your choice.

Tags: @anant @BT_HANDLES @Monty @GolfZuluZulu

OPEN. Anyone can join

Waiting at VOHS

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Sorry buddy busy right now

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