Parwinder.singh’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED] @NA

Welcome to @Parwinder_Singh ATC Thread
Lets play

Status: OPEN
Airport : EDDP
Server: Training
Focus: Pattern and Ground

Feedback from Air India 0209:

I was in pattern with no other aircraft so couldn’t test much, but it was a good session without any mistakes!

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Now open at OMDB

Join fast guys

How long you planning on being open?

Two hours atleast

Alright I should make it be there in 30 minutes maybe

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Can you ask others also in your known to join

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OMDB feedback

  • Transition altitude correct
  • No need for double pattern entry for flight check 001
  • Pattern entry and sequencing for me good
  • I was sequenced as #2 although I was first in line to land
  • I was cleared for the option as #2 (although I was first in line) and clearance was given quite late, try to do it as soon as you sequence someone
  • the clear for the option did not contain a pattern direction for 30L
  • Pattern entry, sequence and clearance was good
  • I was cleared twice which wasn’t needed
  • Runway change on final pattern entry and clearance was correct
  • Exit runway was late try to aim for around 80kts

Overall a good session, remember that you can check if you have already cleared someone in the log for each pilot. The best way to improve on those mistakes is practice so keep going!
Hope to see you around soon

Jordan - GolfZuluZulu

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Thanks for your feedback.
You forgot to inform me that you are going for full stop. I assumed you are doing touch and go

Yeah agree. I didn’t check logs that your were already cleared. Thanks for all those pointers. I will work on it. Hoping to connect with you again soon at some other airport.

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Although it’s preferable for you, it’s not required by the pilots to announce full stop, beware of this when you come to do your practical because not everyone will announce full stop (barely anyone does in my IFATC training) so you will have to notice when the speed reaches ~80kts (depending on the aircraft) and use the exit runway command :) hope this helps

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Sure ping me when your next open!

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That makes sense. Thank you

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Status: OPEN
Server: Training
Airport: OMDB

Can few of the pilots join to test my tower and ground ability ? Thank you

Lets practice pattern and sequences. Join in at OMDB

Facility is now closed

I am now open at EDDP,
Can someone join and help in improving my skills of ATC

Airport: EDDP

@GolfZuluZulu can you and your team mates join ?

Sorry! I’m not going to be able to make it today

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