Parts of earth that have never been touched in ATC and maybe be put in?

that was the first time that Cuba was used

pretty much

Although I want to note that this is likely not the only factor. Weather, size, and location all have to be put into consideration.
Another edit: But yes. There are some locations that have enough capacity but are not featured

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I don’t think so, I’ve been to Cuba at least twice with ATC. Sure it’s not as frequent as other destinations, but’s it’s there

Monaco dosent have any airports only heliports I doubt Nauru can take anything other than a paper airplane with thier airport and San Marino looks to be a regular small airport. Correct me if I’m wrong tho

You’ve got no idea how many Avianca featured days we have here.

It was also featured last week as well, along with Panama City and some destinations in the Caribbean.

Well guys
lets just see what happens
I hope the Tyler sees this and lets just wait and see

Was just a joke 😂

Monaco has an helicopter, one day with 100kts of winds we could use it

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That should be a Xcub flash flight when theres a storm in the Mediterranean :)

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X-Cub, C172/208, and TBM930
That would be EXTREMELY amazing especially if IF had rain

Colombia has been featured several times in the past, including Bogotá as the FNF hub.

First of all these airports are to small to handle all of this traffic. As an IFATC we can easily struggle to maintain a pattern of 100 aircraft for 1 runway like Geneva.

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guys, lets just see what happends

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Thanks for the feedback! I do repeat this often, but I need actions to support the continuation of underserved airports being front and center. Keep challenging yourself to start and end a flight at a location you wouldn’t normally choose. After years of playing Infinite Flight, I can confidently say that it’s how I’ve discovered 99% of my favorite airports.

Additionally, many on your list were just featured or within the last month. It doesn’t seem fair to cite a lack diversity if you’re not keeping up with the schedules enough to know that something was just scheduled like DR, Colombia, Cuba, Fiji, Pakistan, etc. My plan to is to keep scheduling a wide variety that will appeal to our entire audience. Like it or not, there is an equally passionate group who want frequent visits to New York, LA, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong!

As a side note, I’m quite excited for next week and hope you will be too! Lot’s of fun new territories to explore.


Ok Tyler!
have a good rest of your day!

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Can we have this thread closed since @Ecoops123 has already given an answer to contact Tyler directly?

Well Tyler just answer the question here, if he still hasn’t closed it, there should be a reason

If you think it should be closed, feel free to utilize the flag feature. It’s more powerful than you think!

Anyways, here’s my two cents. I love exploring the world, exploring the beauties of Infinite Flight and what it has to offer. The ATC schedule not only allows me to explore new regions and find new places, but it also allows me to control different layouts, with different techniques, and to find new challenges. The problem with some of the unique schedules (which have been quite recent, actually) is that the traffic levels have gone down. Earlier this week, on Thursday, the region died down 3-4 hours before the region change, and throughout the day, traffic was down. During the day, EGLL and KLAX had more inbounds than the featured airports. This is not the only example. I love exploring the unique places out there, but as it seems, not everyone can say the same. This creates a whole new challenge for Tyler to regain the interest from the people (after all, it’s a business) while still trying to fulfill everyone’s needs and wants. All I can say is that Tyler has worked so hard and done so much for the community and the ATC group, and with so many different opinions and factors, there’s only so much he can do. It’s a complicated task to balance everyone’s opinions, I’ll tell you that from personal experience.

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They actually welcome peoples feedback and ideas, it’s how the IFC grows!

I agree with thunderbolt, I have a hard time deciding where I’m going to fly from doha, having a unique atc schedule helps me decide and gives me a route to fly if qatar doesn’t operate that route well I’ll jump in a a320 or a GA aircraft and explore.