Parts of earth that have never been touched in ATC and maybe be put in?

this is mostly for @Tyler_Shelton because he makes the ATC thing, but feel free to tell me how it is

ATC is starting to lack a bit of Mixing up
ATC ideas
parts of the earth that needs some attention that never got it

  1. Greenland
  2. Iceland
  3. Northern Canada
  4. Pakistan
  5. Madagascar
  6. Sudan
  7. Chad
  8. Fiji
  9. Cuba
  10. Dominican Rep
  11. Colombia
  12. Antartica
  13. Nauru

what do you think @Tyler_Shelton? If you add this in the future ATC
I think ppl will love it

and what do you guys think? any more places that should get more attention?


All of these countries don’t have many big airports to support the sort of traffic we see


I like the sound of them all, but it’s the airports that restrict us. You can’t fit the 400+ daily flyers into Reykjavik (that mistake was made once), or into Islamabad as much as it is a unique airport.

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But it would be nice to not have the same place every day

Don’t tag devs please. They are busy.

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Sorry about that

Yes it would be - but as we learnt from Geneva - trying to use small airports as hubs is not a good idea

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if you choose just the big airports in that place, it should be fine

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(From Tyler’s profile)

“Please contact me at anytime with questions, ATC feedback, or general questions related to Infinite Flight.”

Tyler’s always a positive person, he’s always happy for feedback, it’s what makes the schedule, and what makes this game more enjoyable! 🙃


Thats the problem. The countries/regions you have listed have next to no big airports - the ones that do only have a couple or so.

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I do have to agree somewhat, would like to see IFATC there but the airports are too small. My recommendation is to create an event there as there will be less traffic.

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well, lets see what Tyler says
then we can keep going on from there

Yes. He would like feedback but not over something he said will not work before. :)

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Tyler’s a great and positive person on the form and accepts feedback greatly, having said that… Antarctica?

@tominski You forgot San Marino, Montecarlo and Nauru 😂

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Cuba, DR, Argentina, and Pakistan have been featured before.

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they have?
never seen them before, maybe again? @PlaneGeek

I will add the extra places that u guys just said! @ppl

Buddy Argentina is featured tomorrow 😂

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just let me remove Argentina…

Also, Cuba was last week (Havana, MUHA)

And Pakistan is also frequently featured along with other middle eastern destinations

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