[partnered with Thai Group Virtual and Spicejet Virtual] Muay Thai fly-in/fly-out/airshow @ VTBS- 291200ZDEC19





This is the first event that I’m organizing sponsored by @ThaiGroupVirtual and @anon42857826. I am organizing this event with the hope to express the best of Infinite Flight all together in one place. The arrivals, departures and the Airshow, all are meant to showcase the pure reckoning talent of all the pilots here in Infinite Flight. I want to fill up Bangkok with everything that IF has to offer and organize an event which will forever be remembered. This would have been impossible with support from Thai Virtual and Spicejet Virtual. So please try to attend this event so that we can have the maximum turnout and make this event as real as possible.


Bangkok is a teeming metropolitan city and it is the most popular tourist destination in the entire world. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi is the successor of Don Mueang airport and is one of the busiest airports in South Asia with its passengers crossing 60 million annually. It is served by airlines from Asia, Europe, Australia and beyond. It serves as the principal hub of Thai airways and many other airlines.


Server : Training

Airport : VTBS

Date and Time : 2019-12-29T00:00:00Z2019-12-29T02:00:00Z


  • Be conscious of your surroundings when taxiing or pushing-back
  • Don’t spam on frequency if Unicom.
  • Spawn into your assigned gate 10-15 minutes early.
  • Listen to ATC at all times.
  • Conduct yourself with utmost professionalism and discipline at all times.
  • Though the event is on the Training Server, all rules of the Expert Server apply.
  • And finally, remember to have a LOT of FUN and take a lot of pictures.

Check In

  • Please put your requested gate.
  • Please put your requested aircraft.
  • If you want me to add a gate or edit some information, send a message or PM me.
  • Pilots interested in the airshow are requested to Pm me with the details so i can add them.


Concourse A,B and C
Gate Airline Aircraft Origin User
A01 Thai 744 Phuket
A02 Vietjet Air A321 Krabi
A03 Thai 772 Phuket
A04 Vietjet Air A321 Chiang Mai
A05 Thai A333 Phuket
A06 Thai 772 Surat Thani
B01 Thai A333 Udong Thani
B02 Thai Viejtet A321 Phuket
B03 Thai 744 Sapporo
B04 Air Asia X A333 Kuala Lumpur
B05 Air India A321 Kolkata
B06 KLM 744 Amsterdam
C01 Air India 788 Delhi
C02 British Airways 77W London
C03 Lufthansa A346 Munich
C04 Emirates A388 Dubai
C05 Singapore Airlines 77W Singapore
C06 Air China 789 Beijing
C07 China Southern 788 Guangzhou
C08 Thai 744 Delhi
C09 Thai A388 London
C10 Thai A359 Frankfurt NSV002(@Capt.SkyWalker)


Concourse D,E,F and G
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D02 Gulf Air A321 Bahrain
D03 PIA 77L Lahore
D04 Norwegian 789 Stockholm
D05 Qantas 789 Sydney
D06 Srilankan Airlines A333 Colombo
D07 Turkish Airlines 77W Istanbul.
D08 Vietnam Airlines A321 Ho Chi Minh (@Icelandair_TeamICE)
E01 Air France 772 Paris
E02 Lufthansa A388 Frankfurt
E03 Thai A388 Tokyo
E04 JAL A359 Tokyo AFKLM238( AFKLM GAVA Benjamin)
E05 Korean Air A388 Seoul
E06 Swiss International Airlines A333 Zurich
E07 Qatar Airways 788 Doha
E08 Etihad Airways 789 Abu Dhabi
E09 JetStar Airways 788 Melbourne
E10 Thai 772 Chennai
F01 Indigo A320 Delhi
F02 Indigo A320 Mumbai chadmordekai63
F03 SpiceJet 739 Bengaluru
F04 Aeroflot 77W Moscow
F05 Cathay Pacific 77W Hong Kong
F06 LOT Polish Airlines 788 Warsaw Chopin
G01 Finnair A359 Helsinki
G02 China Airlines Tapei A333
G03 El Al 78X Tel-Aviv
G04 Ethiopian Airlines 788 Addis Abba
G05 Eva Air A321 Tapei

Airshow/Virtual Airlines

Remote Aprons
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Remote Apron 115 SGVA
Remote Apron 116 SGVA
Remote Apron 117 SGVA
Remote Apron 118 SGVA
Remote Apron 119 SGVA
Remote Apron 120 SGVA
Remote Apron 121 SGVA
Remote Apron 122
Remote Apron 123
Remote Apron 124
Remote Apron 125
Remote Apron 126
Remote Apron 127
Remote Apron 128
Remote Apron 129

More Information

Please check out Thai Virtual’s thread Thai Group Virtual | The World Is Always New!
As well as SpiceJet Virtual’s thread SpiceJet Virtual Official Thread | Flying Your Way!
If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask/PM, @Siddhansh, @samdog27, @Rohan625.
Thank you and we hope to see you soon!


Awesome event thread, I might join. Why is it called “Muay Thai Flyout”? What does this have to do with Muay Thai?

Thought the name sounded cool

Alright, but you know that Muay Thai is Thai Boxing, right?


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Yep…well aware of that…picked that up when i visited Bangkok

Sign me up NSV002

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sure…will do…see you there.

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Hey. It’s AFKLM238 with Username AFKLM GAVA Benjamin. Can you save me Gate E04 to Tokyo in the A359? Thanks

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Sure…signed u up…see you there

I can get tower and ground for the event.

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Sure…thanks bro.

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@Siddhansh I am really sorry but my grandma got sick and I won’t be able fly with you tomorrow as I am visiting her. Thanks for understanding.

Sure… Np

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TGV1007. Which airbus A/c should I do? Remote 101.

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Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh city A321 pls

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Signed u up…see you there

Sign me up
Gate F01 - a320 Indigo
Username - IFC chadmordekai63

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Sure…see you tuuere

What runway will you prefer? 'Cause I’m sitting at D08

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And also a quick update My callsign is: Vietnam Airlines 2

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