[PARTNERED WITH QANTAS VIRTUAL GROUP] [20+ ATTENDING] More nuts than the Bridge! [Sydney Airport Flyout] @ YSSY - 072000ZDEC19

More Nuts Than The Bridge! - Sydney Airport Flyout

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The Event

Hello everyone! This event will be running out of Sydney Airport, Australia. Sydney Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Australia, with many international destinations as well as hundreds of domestic ones too. I have chosen Sydney as it is one of those airports which have hundreds of aircraft movements a day in real life, but isn’t flown to all that much in Infinite Flight, and I hope to change that with this event.

Airport Info

Sydney, located in New South Wales, Australia. Is the capital city of New South Wales, and is the second most populated city in Australia. Sydney Airport (ICAO: YSSY/IATA: SYD), is the busiest airport in Australia, with over 27,000 aircraft movements in the month of January, 2019 and over 100 destinations, domestic and international, Sydney Airport is one of the most connected airports in Australia.

Event Details

Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport
Time and Date: 2019-12-07T21:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server

Event NOTAMs

  • In the case that IFATC are present, I will not be held accountable for any violations/ghosts you may gain during the event. Pilots are to respect one another and conduct themselves according to the Expert Server rules.
  • Please spawn in 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the event.
  • Departure runways will be determined via real world conditions on the day (these will be announced before the event, via the event DM and on the thread).
  • You are the pilot, and as such, will be expected to follow real world procedures and file your own flight plan, this should be done via FPL to IF.
  • This event will not feature set destinations, but, conducting research into what flight you would prefer to fly would be appreciated. Please try to keep these realistic.

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1 (International)
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Gate 1-08 British Airways B77W SYD - SIN - LHR @United_1154
Gate 1-09 Qantas A388 SYD - N/A @anon70772274
Gate 1-10 Delta B772 SYD - LAX @William_Hazen
Gate 1-24 SEA Seahawks B748 SYD - SFO @Lil_Qaz
Gate 1-25 Qantas B744 SYD - SCL @Adam_Goodman
Gate 1-30 Cathay B77W SYD - HKG @Claudio
Gate 1-31 Qantas B789 SYD - GIG @Retr0
Gate 1-32
Gate 1-33 Garuda Indonesia A333 SYD - CGK @Kyle107
Gate 1-34 Singapore A388 SYD - SIN @QVG-Crunch
Gate 1-35 Qantas B744 SYD - HND @Charles_B
Gate 1-63 Qantas B738 SYD - ZQN @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate 1-51
Gate 1-53
Gate 1-55
Gate 1-57 Emirates A388 SYD - DXB @Fynn111

*more gates will be added if needed

Terminal 2 (Domestic - Jetstar and Tigerair Australia)
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Gate 2-49 Jetstar A320 SYD-LST @xsrvmy
Gate 2-53 Jetstar A320 SYD-MEL @Angelo
Gate 2-55 Jetstar A320 SYD-MEL @SebastianF
Gate 2-57 Jetstar A320 SYD-ADL @Kacey
Gate 2-59 Jetstar A320 SYD-MEL @TimR
Gate 2-58

*more gates will be added if needed

Terminal 2 (Domestic - Virgin Australia)
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Gate 2-31
Gate 2-33
Gate 2-35 Virgin Australia B738 SYD - TSV @Pilotcorn09
Gate 2-39
Gate 2-41
Gate 2-43
Gate 2-45

*more gates will be added if needed

Terminal 3 (Domestic - Qantas)
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Gate 2-01
Gate 2-02 Qantas (Generic) A333 SYD - PER @LongHaulGuy
Gate 2-03 Qantas (Generic) A333 SYD - PER @Luke_L
Gate 2-04 Qantas B738 SYD - MEL @Necky16
Gate 2-08
Gate 2-09
Gate 2-10 Qantas (Generic) A333 SYD-PER @Adam_S

*no more gates available, once it’s full, it’s full.

Terminal 3 (Domestic - QantasLink)
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Gate 2-11
Gate 2-12
Gate 2-13
Gate 2-14
Gate 2-15

*no more gates available, once it’s full, it’s full.

Cargo (Domestic & International)
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Cargo 1-01
Cargo 1-02
Cargo 1-03
Cargo 1-04
Cargo 1-05
Cargo 1-06

*more gates available if needed

Corporate/General Aviation
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
Gate 3-107 N/A C750 SYD - SMO @KennedyTurner
Gate 3-106
Gate 3-105
Gate 3-104
Gate 3-103
Gate 3-102 N/A C750 SYD - PER @Ash_Rand (STANDBY)

*more gates available if needed

Standby Gates (Subject to Change)
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Gate 1-77
Gate 1-76
Gate 1-75
Gate 1-74
Gate 1-73

*more gates available if needed

Qantas Virtual Gates - Reserved
Gate Aircraft/Airline Route Attendee
Gate 2-04
Gate 2-05
Gate 2-06
Gate 2-07
Gate 1-54 Qantas B744 SYD - HND @Takahashi
Gate 1-56 Qantas B789 SYD - AKL @anon41771314
Gate 1-63
Gate 1-61
Gate 1-60
Gate 1-16 QantasLink DH8D SYD - CBR @QVG-YMLT_Spotter
Gate 1-17

*more gates available if needed

When requesting a gate, attendees should request one in the following matter: [requested terminal/gate] [callsign], [route being flown], [aircraft and airline]. For example: Terminal 3, Gate 16, Q-Link 2117, YSSY - YCFS, QantasLink Dash 8-400.

If you are with Qantas Virtual Group, please let me know with the above information.

If you are unsure as to whether you will be able to attend the event, just let me know and I can put you on standby for your requested gate.

For an aerodrome overview, you can click this link:

Thanks for reading through my event! If you’re interested, make sure to request a gate by commenting below!


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Event Partnership!


Qantas Virtual is Partnering with this event!

Find out more about Qantas Virtual Group here

“More nuts than the bridge” An expression referring to someone who was thought to be “nuts”, or a bit crazy, the reference being to the nuts and bolts used in building the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Requesting T3 gate 09, VH-LY03, YSSY-YPPH, Qantas A333

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Okie dokie! Gate 09 isn’t A333 compatible in Infinite Flight. Can I give you gate 2-03?

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I’ll take T1 gate 1-08, YSSY - not sure yet, Qantas A380.
I have all the official/necessary pilot procedures for YSSY (in a massive folder), would you like me to upload a screenshot?

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Okie dokie! Just let me know where you’d like to fly before the event. Also, Gate 1-08 isn’t compatible with the A380 in Infinite Flight, could I give you 1-09 instead?

Sure! Could you please send me a screenshot in a PM?

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Gate 201 A333 to Perth please

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Alrighty! Gate 2-01 isn’t A333 compatible in Infinite Flight, could I give you gate 2-03 instead?

Sure, that works!

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Alright, you have gate 2-01. (sorry for the confusion) Can’t wait to see you!

You have gate 1-09. Can’t wait to see you there!

You have gate 2-03. See you then!

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Sorry why am I gate 1-09? At YSSY, typically the A380 goes to 1-08 will the 747 goes to 1-09.

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Unfortunately, gate 1-08 in Infinite Flight will not allow you to spawn in with an A380. Hence why I have given you 1-09. Hope that helps!

Right ok thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to talk to someone about that.

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There is no Qantas A330, should we change our planes?

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Nope, we can just use the generic livery.

Jetstar 749 to YMLT, A320, any gate will do

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Any gate in T1, I would like a 747-8 Seattle Seahawks livery to KSFO please

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Any gate in T1, Cathay 77W, YSSY - VHHH

Callsign C-ZAR

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requesting t1 gate 10 , yssy-klax delta 498, delta airlines 777-200lr

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