[Partnered With Plane And Pilot!] Let’s Fill Up Perth! [A Humongous Flyout!] @ YPPH 142300ZDEC19

Let’s Fill Up Perth International!

About This Event

Hello everyone and welcome to another event of mine! Today we are going to be filling up Perth International! Perth is not very popular in Infinite Flight so why not make a event there and fill it to the brim with aircraft! Remember to have fun, Let’s Fill Up Perth!

About Perth International

Perth Airport PER/YPPH is a a international airport serving serving Perth, the largest and capital city of Western Australia. It is the fourth busiest in Australia based on passenger movement. Perth Airport and nearby Jandakot airport had a combined 362,782 aircraft movements in 2017. In 1960 the current international terminal previously constructed from steel and cladding from Manus Island was dismantled. The removal of the steel structure made way for the construction of an entirely new combined domestic and international passenger terminal, constructed on the northern side of the airfield.

Event Details:

Time: 2019-12-14T23:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: YPPH


  • YPPH has so many flights! I tried my best to put what flights I thought you guys would enjoy. If you don’t see a flight that you want to fly just ask me and I will do my best to accommodate you!

  • If IFATC is active please respect them, If not use Unicom properly.

  • Don’t troll this is on the expert server, don’t ruin it for everyone.

  • You are responsible for your own fuel. I would recommend using fpltoif.com or simbrief.com.

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1 (International)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
143 Air New Zealand 787-9 NZAA @Aero
144 Singapore Airlines 787-10 WSSS @Altaria55
145 Qatar Airways 777-300ER OTHH @Captain_JR
146 Emirates A380 OMDB @QVG-Crunch
147 Garuda Indonesia 737-800 WADD @Sashaz55
148 Qantas 787-9 EGLL @Voyager456
149 South African A340-300 FAOR @Infinite_Qantas
150 Garuda Indonesia 737-800 WIII @AarkonTV
151 All Nippon Airlines 787-8 RJAA @Air_Boss
152 Air Mauritius A330 FIMP
153 Malaysia Airlines A330 WMKK @Sam73628
154 Malaysia Airlines 737-800 WBKK
154 Thai Airways A330 VTBS
155 China Southern A330 ZGGG
156 Cathay Pacific 777-300 VHHH @Pingu
Terminal 1 (Domestic
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
160 Virgin Australia 737-800 YPAD @Brave_pilot
160A Virgin Australia 737-800 YBBN
161 Virgin Australia 737-800 YPDN
161A Virgin Australia 737-800 YMHB
162 Virgin Australia 737-800 YPKG
162A Virgin Australia 737-800 YNWN
162B Virgin Australia 737-800 YMML
163 Virgin Australia 737-800 YPPD @Jacob_Sim
163A Virgin Australia 737-800 YSSY
163B Virgin Australia 737-800 YSSY
Terminal 2 (Domestic)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
201 Virgin Australia 737-800 YBRM
202 Virgin Australia A320 YPXM
203 Virgin Australia CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100) YPKU
204 Virgin Australia CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100) YOWL
205 Virgin Australia CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100) YARG
206 Virgin Australia CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100) YABA
207 Virgin Australia A320 YBRY
208 Virgin Australia 737-800 YBGD
209 Virgin Australia CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100) YCNF
210 Virgin Australia A320 YANG
211 Virgin Australia CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100) YPAD
212 Virgin Australia CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YBLN
213 Tigerair Australia 737-800 YMML
214 Tigerair Australia 737-800 YSSY
215 Tigerair Australia 737-800 YBBN
216 Regional Express Q400 (Replacement for SF34) YABA
217 Regional Express Q400 (Replacement for SF34 YCAR
218 Regional Express Q400 (Replacement for SF34 YESP
219 Regional Express Q400 (Replacement for SF34 YSHK
220 Alliance Airlines CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YCWA
250 Alliance Airlines CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YCHK
251 Alliance Airlines CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YMNE
252 Alliance Airlines CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YTEF
253 Alliance Airlines CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YLST
254 Alliance Airlines CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YTGT
255 Alliance Airlines CRJ 700 (Replacement for F100 YLEO
Terminal 3 (Jetstar)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
16 Jetstar A320 YPAD
17 Jetstar A320 YPAD
18 Jetstar A320 YBCS
19 Jetstar A320 WADD
20 Jetstar A320 YBCG
21 Jetstar A320 YMML
22 Jetstar A320 YSSY
23 Qantas 737-800 YSCB @Kacey
24 Qantas 737-800 YPDN
Terminal 4 (Qantas)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
07 QantasLink 717-200 YBAS
08 Qantas 737-800 YMML @Luke_Sta
09 Qantas 737-800 YBRM
10 Qantas 737-800 YPDN
11 Qantas 737-800 YPKG
12 QantasLink 717-200 YPKA
13 QantasLink 717-200 YNWN
14 QantasLink 717-200 YBPO
15 QantasLink 717-200 YPPD
Domestic 901 QantasLink 717-200 YCHK
Domestic 902 QantasLink 717-200 YFDF
Domestic 903 QantasLink 717-200 YCYE
Domestic 904 QantasLink 717-200 YGIA
Domestic 905 QantasLink 717-200 YLST
Domestic 906 QantasLink 717-200 YMRW
Domestic 907 QantasLink 717-200 YSOL
General Aviation

When requesting a GA gate please state Aircraft, Destination, and specific gate.

Gate User Aircraft
GA501 @KGJT-9149 A318 ACJ

Wrapping Up

This event was super fun to make and I had a great time learning about all of the little Outback Australian airports and that is one thing that I really love about creating events. Also this event took me 2 full days! So I would really appreciate if you decided to come. Until my next event Bye!


20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510


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Image 2: http://www.aviationwa.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/2016_Perth_Airport_Terminal_1-800x445.jpg


Yessir, I lived here for 5 years! I’ll take Virgin Australia to YPAD please :)

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Could I please get a gate at the international terminal? I would like to fly a Air New Zealand 777 YPPH-NZAA :)

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@AarkonTV thanks so much for being the first to sign up!

@Aero that route is on a 787-9 is that ok?

No problem! looks like an awesome event

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Hopefully it will!

144, please!

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Thanks for coming!

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This event is now partnered with Plane And Pilot Flying Club! Thanks so much!

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510

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Any way I can take a Qantas gate to Melbourne in the 737-800?

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I’ll take gate 155

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This route please

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I’ll take this gate please!

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What a coincidence that both events happen at the same time, lol.

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A route I’ve never flown before… This one will be interesting 🤔

Requesting the gate above Sasha, Thanks 😊

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@Luke_Sta I can do that you will be on gate 08 in terminal 4. Thanks for coming!

@Voyager456 I knew that one was gonna go fast! Thanks for coming.

@Kacey thanks a lot for helping out with this event!

@Captain_JR thanks for coming!


This gate please

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Thanks for coming!

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Gate 151 ANA , I’ll take if available still .


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It’s still available, thanks for coming.