(Partnered with DLVA and AFKLM) [32 Attending] Amsterdam, The SkyTeam City; A Huge Flyout Event @EHAM- 151900ZJUN19

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Flyout!

This is by far the largest event I have created and I hope to see a lot of pilots!

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Airport: EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol
Time/ Date: 2019-06-15T19:00:00Z (Remember this time is 9:00 PM in Amsterdam, so please feel free to change the time as necessary so your not arriving at your destination in the middle of the night!)

About Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

As you probably know EHAM is the headquarters for KLM, a major European and SkyTeam airline. You can find more information about EHAM here at



or their



Alright enough of that, let’s look at the gates!

Before you Sign Up

  1. The Remote Gates will ONLY be used if all other gates in that pier are taken.

  2. You can request any destination you want if the one you want is not listed or already taken. However PLEASE let me find you a gate because it can be very confusing as the gate numbers in Infinite Flight are a little weird, especially in Pier D.

  3. Special livery’s such as the “KLM- Orange Pride” are allowed, however please note that if you wish to use one, say so when requesting a gate. Also please don’t feel bad if I do not allow you to use one.

  4. Please check your gate whenever you sign up to make sure everything fits and is in place. I tried my best to make sure there were no errors, but we don’t need any problems on the day of the event.

  5. Some gates do not have information for them, this is either because I couldn’t find a realistic flight or I left them open for other routes.

Remote Stands: A

These gates will not be in use as of right now

Pier B

These gates consist of the following airlines:
LOT, KLM/ Cityhopper, Vueling, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Lufthansa,
and Swiss

Pier B Gates (12 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETE to Destination User
B15 LOT Polish Airlines B737-800 EPWA (Warsaw) 1h 30m @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
B16 KLM E190 EBBR (Brussels) 50m
B17 Vueling A320-200 LEBL (Barcelona) 2h
B20 KLM E190 LFBO (Toulouse) 1h 30m
B23 Norwegian Air Shuttle B737-800 ESSA (Stockholm) 2h
B24 KLM E190 LEVC (Valencia) 2h
B27 Lufthansa A320-200 EDDF (Frankfurt) 1h
B28 KLM E190 EFHK (Helsinki) 2h
B31 Swiss A321-200 LSZH (Zurich) 1h
B32 KLM E190 LKPR (Prague) 1h
B35 KLM B737-700 LFLL (Lyon) 1h 20m
B36 KLM E190 LIMF (Turin) 1h
Remote 61
Remote 62
Remote 63
Remote 64
Remote 65
Remote 71
Remote 72
Remote 73
Remote 74
Remote 75
Remote 76
Remote 81
Remote 82
Remote 83
Remote 84
Remote 85
Remote 91
Remote 92
Remote 93
Remote 94
Remote 95

Pier C

These gates consist of the following airlines:
KLM, Air France/ HOP!, Transavia, TAP, Alitalia, and Finnair,

Pier C Gates (11 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETE to Destination User
C4 KLM B737-700 LFMN (Nice Côte d’Azur) 1h 20m @John370
C5 Air France A320-200 LFPG (Paris) 1h
C6 HOP! (Air France) CRJ-700 LFLC (Clermont-Ferrand) 1h
C7 Air France A318-100 LFRS (Nantes) 1h 20m
C8 Transavia B737-800 LPFR (Faro) 2h 20m
C9 KLM B737-700 LFPG (Paris) 1h
C10 TAP A320-200 LPPT (Lisbon) 2h
C11 Alitalia A321-200 LIRF (Rome) 2h @Bld003
C12 KLM B737-900 LGAV (Athens) 3h @Voyager456
C13 Finnair A321-200 EFHK (Helsinki) 2h
C14 Transavia B737-800 GCTS (Tenerife) 4h
C15 KLM B737-700 EKCH (Copenhagen) 1h
C16 Transavia B737-800 LOWI (Innsbruck) 1h
C18 KLM B737-700 LSGG (Geniva) 1h

Pier D

These gates consist of the following airlines:
United, Delta, KLM/ Cityhopper, Vueling, American, Flybe, Transavia, Ukraine, Aer Lingus, and British Airways,

Pier D Gates (28 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETE to Destination User
D2 United Airlines B767-300 KEWR (Newark) 8h @masterkiwi
D3 Delta B767-300 KPDX (Portland) 10h 20m @Jo_lg_16
D4 United Airlines B767-300 KIAD (Washington D.C.) 9h
D5 KLM B737-900 EGLL (London Heathrow) 1h
D7 KLM B737-700 EGSS (London Stansted) 50m
D8 KLM E190 EGGD (Bristol) 1h
D10 Vueling A320-200 EGGW (London Luton) 50m
D12 American Airlines B767-300 KPHL (Philadelphia) 8h
D14 Flybe Dash-8 Q400 EGBB (Birmingham) 1h
D16 Flybe Dash-8 Q400 EGLC (London City) 50m
D18 Flybe Dash-8 Q400 EGHI (Southampton) 1h
D22 KLM B737-900 EGCC (Manchester) 1h
D23 Transavia B737-800 LATI (Tirana) 2h 20m
D24 Ukraine International B737-900 UKBB (Kiev) 2h 30m
D26 British Airways A320-200/A321-200 EGLL (London Heathrow) 50m
D27 Transavia B737-800 LCLK (Larnaca) 3h 30m
D28 British Airways A320-200 EGKK (London Gatwick) 50m
D29 Aer Lingus A320-200 EIDW (Dublin) 1h 30m
D31 British Airways E190 EGLC (London City) 50m
D41 KLM B737-700 LEIB (Ibiza) 2h 20m @MartijnMohlmann
D43 Transavia B737-800 OMDB (Dubai) 6h
D44 Transavia B737-800 OLBA (Beirut) 4h @JoeHaddad
D47 KLM B787-9 CYYC (Calgary) 9h @Luca_Noordermeer
D48 Transavia B737-800 EPKT (Katowice) 1h 20m
D49 United B767-300 KORD (Chicago) 9h
D51 Transavia B737-800 GCTS (Tenerife) 4h
D52 Transavia B737-800 LFPO (Paris Orly) 1h
D53 Transavia B737-800 LGTS (Thessaloniki) 2h 20m
D54 Transavia B737-800 LYBE (Belgrade) 2h
D56 KLM B737-700 LTBA (Istanbul) 3h
Remote D88
Remote D90
Remote D92
Remote D93
Remote D94
Remote D95

Pier E:

These gates consist of the following airlines:
Delta, KLM, Qatar, and Etihad

Pier E Gates (4 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETE to Destination User
E2 Delta A330-300 KDTW (Detroit) 8h @Luke_Sta
E3 KLM B777-200ER RJAA (Tokyo Narita) 11h
E4 KLM B737-900 UUEE (Moscow) 3h
E5 Delta B767-300 KSLC (Salt Lake City) 10h 30m
E6 Delta A330-300 KBOS (Boston) 7h
E7 KLM B777-300ER SAEZ (Buenos Aires) 13h @Yemster8
E8 KLM B787-9 VIDP (Delhi) 9h @siddhansh
E9 KLM B777-300ER WSSS (Singapore) 12h @L_25
E17 Delta A330-300 KSEA (Seattle) 10h @anon58665202
E18 Qatar Airways B777-300ER OTHH (Doha) 6h @TaipeiGuru
E19 Etihad B787-10 OMAA (Abu Dhabi) 6h 20m @CaptAbhinav
E22 KLM B777-300ER SAEZ (Buenos Aires) 13h @Elliott
E24 KLM B747-400 TNCM (St. Martin) 9h @Adam_Goodman
Remote E72
Remote E75
Remote E77

Pier F

These gates consist of the following airlines:

Pier F Gates (Full)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETE to Destination User
F3 KLM B787-9 KJFK (New York) 7h @BadPlane
F4 KLM B777-300ER DGAA (Accra) 6h @ItzAviaUk
F5 KLM B777-200ER FAOR (Johannesburg) 10h @GolferAiden
F6 KLM B747-400 RKSI (Seoul) 10h @United_1154
F7 KLM B787-9 KIAH (Houston) 10h @IF787
F8 KLM B777-300ER RCTP (Taipei) 11h @DylanIE
F9 KLM B777-200ER WMKK (Kuala Lumpur) 11h 30m @JeromeJ

Pier G

These gates consists of the following airlines:
El Al, Egypt Air, Garuda Indonesia, Air Canada, Norwegian Air Shuttle, KLM, and Emirates

Pier G Gates (2 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETE to Destination User
G2 El AL B737-800 LLBG (Israel) 4h
G3 KLM B777-200ER FACT (Cape Town) 11h @Springbok777
G4 Egypt Air B737-800 HECA (Cairo) 4h
G5 Garuda Indonesia B777-300ER WIII (Jakarta) 13h @Logan_Lee
G6 Air Canada A330-300 CYYZ (Toronto) 8h @bomrno
G7 Norwegian Air Shuttle B787-9 KJFK (New York) 7h @SirMarkieMark
G8 KLM B787-9 KSFO (San Francisco) 11h @Flying_dutchman1
G9 Emirates A380-800 OMDB (Dubai) 6h @joshua_morrissette
Remote G71
Remote G73
Remote G76
Remote G79

Pier H

These gates consist of the following airlines:
Ryanair and Easyjet
When requesting an H gate, please refer to this list of available routes and request a gate number.

Easyjet Routes

Agadir, Alicante, Basel/Mulhouse, Belfast–International, Berlin–Schönefeld, Bordeaux, Bristol, Budapest, Edinburgh, Fuerteventura, Geneva, Glasgow, Lisbon, Liverpool, London–Gatwick, London–Luton, London–Southend, London–Stansted, Málaga, Manchester, Milan–Linate, Milan–Malpensa, Naples, Nice, Prague, Rome–Fiumicino, Tel Aviv–Ben Gurion, Venice, Vienna, Zürich

Ryanair Routes

Dublin, MĂĄlaga

*Pier H Gates* (6 left)
Gate Airline (Easyjet or Ryanair) Aircraft Destination User
H1 Easyjet A320-200 1h 30m @CaptainClark

Cargo Aprons

These gates consist of the following Airlines:
Cargolux, Nippon Cargo, China Cargo, LAN Cargo, Air Bridge Cargo, Qatar Cargo, Etihad Cargo, Turkish Airlines Cargo, and Korean Airlines Cargo

Cargo Aprons {S} (11 left)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETE to Destination User
S72 Cargolux B747-8 ELLX (Luxembourg) 40m
S74 ASL Belgium MD-11F LFPG (Paris) 1h
S77 China Cargo B777-200F ZSPD (Shanghai) 11h 20m
S79 LAN Cargo B777-200F EDDF (Frankfurt) 1h 30m
S82 Air Bridge Cargo B747-8 UUEE (Moscow) 2h 20m
S84 Qatar Cargo B777-200F KORD (Chicago) 8h 30m
S87 Etihad Cargo B777-200F OMAA (Abu Dhabi) 6h
S90 Turkish Airlines Cargo A330-200F LTBA (Istanbul) 3h
S92 Korean Airlines Cargo B777-200F RKSI (Seoul) 10h

GA Aprons

You can choose any Aircraft and livery as long as there are gatess for your aircraft’s size. Also pleases note all gates REQUIRE pushback except for aprons K75/K76

GA Aprons {K} (29 left)
Gate Aircraft Destination User
K11 (B789/A321 or smaller)
K12 (B789/A321 or smaller)
K13 (B789/A321 or smaller)
K14 (B789/A321 or smaller)
K15 (B789/A321 or smaller)
K16 (B789/A321 or smaller)
K20 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K21 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K22 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K23 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K24 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K25 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K26 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K27 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K35 (B763/A321 or smaller)
K36 (B763/A321 or smaller)
K37 (B763/A321 or smaller)
K38 (B763/A321 or smaller)
K39 (B763/A321 or smaller)
K40 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K41 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K42 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K43 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K44 (CRJ-700 or smaller)
K71 (B739/A321 or smaller)
K72 (B739/A321 or smaller)
K73 (B739/A321 or smaller)
K74 (B739/A321 or smaller)
K75/K76 (CRJ-700 or smaller)

More Gates WILL be added as necessary.

Please note the ETE to Destination is just an estimate, your flight time will depend on many different factors.

Thanks for checking out my event! I hope to see as many pilots as possible!

I am very pleased to announce this event is now partnered with Delta and AFKLM Virtual!

Please check them out below:

Delta Virtual officially opened behind its founder @USA007 on Dec. 26, 2016 and has soared to be one of the most active virtual airlines within the IFC. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, which provides the support for more than 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down. Join Delta Virtual here today!

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc. All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.

Air France-KLM Virtual Group was named Infinite Flight’s “2017 Best Overall Virtual Airline” by Skytrax IF Virtual. With 30 planes in its fleet, an expansive route database, and a dynamic mix of VA-only and public events, Air-France KLM offers pilots a structured virtual airline platform combined with a relaxed, inclusive community culture that appeals to both casual and advanced aviation enthusiasts seeking a rewarding VA career.

All images and logos appear courtesy of the Air France-KLM Virtual website and are covered by copyright. Usage and reproduction are strictly regulated.All icons and vectors greatly appreciated and provided by [Vectors Market ](http://www.flaticon.com/Thread banner created using Canva

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KLM 747-400 to Princess Julianna

E2 Please and thanks!

Ok, how does E-24 sound?


Works for me…

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Ok I’ll put you in, thanks for joining!

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Surely we can get more than 2 attendees right?!?

Gotta be patient 😉


Can I give this a little bump?

Oh wait…

EDIT: Also I fixed the GIF. Sorry about that!

Of course! It’s just that people might not know if they’re free on that day just yet

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Hello I just want to mention there has been a major date change from May 27 to June 15. The time of 2000Z will remain the same.
@IF787 and @Luke_Sta not sure if you want to keep the gates or not depending on your schedule.

Hopefully now there will be more people!

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Could I get Gate F8 to Taipei in the Orange Pride?

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Yes I got you signed up. You can use Orange Pride.
Thanks for joining.

I will take gate c12 to athens

Alright you’re in. Thanks for signing up!

E17 to Seattle Please

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Ok have fun, Thank you for signing up!

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777-300ER to Buenos Aires please so that is gate E22

Welcome aboard, Thanks for joining!

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Is there a KLM flight from there to VABB