Partnered with Delta Virtual | Delta With A Side Of Maple Syrup! @KSLC - 311700ZMAR19

KSLC - CYYZ With Delta!


Welcome to the KSLC - CYYZ event! KSLC has beautiful scenery surrounding the airport left, right, and center, and is also a major hub for the largest American based airline, Delta. This flight takes us on a breathtaking departure out of KSLC, over the midwest, and eventually into the great lakes where we will be touching down in CYYZ about 3 and a half hours later. Canada is featured on the date of the event, so ATC service is probable upon arrival into CYYZ. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Event Details

Server - Expert

Time- 2019-03-31T17:00:00Z2019-03-31T20:30:00Z

Route - KSLC - CYYZ

Aircraft - B738/ 739

Airline - Delta

Flight Time - Approx. 3hr 30min

Crusing Alt. - Will be decided on the day of

Speeds/ VS - Will be sent via PM a day before the event, but will not be critical as the main goal is to maintain proper separation



  • Please maintain atleast 10nm spacing throughout the entirety of the flight. 10 - 15nm will be ideal.

  • As always, if ATC is open, please follow all instructions, and you will not be given any exceptions to possible reports/ ghostings if you fail to comply with ATC.

  • Be respectful to other pilots, be a courteous taxier, and handle your aircraft in an appropriate, safe way.

Flight Plan

The official flight plan will be constructed using fpltoif, and flightaware a few hours prior to the event. We will be replicating the DL2729’s flight plan that day for this event.


Expect the RUGGD1 SID -


Expect the Waterloo Two STAR -

Gate Assignments

Please reply with,

- Callsign
- Aircraft

And a gate will be assigned

Gate Callsign Aircraft User
C01 DLVA 02 738 @EthanT2
C02 DLVA76 738 @ClarenceTheAvgeek
C03 DLVA4291 739 @Dylan_T
C04 DLVA428 739 @MrMrMan
C05 DLVA007 739 @anon82246052
C06 DLVA243 739 @Sebastian9915
C07 JL727 738 @Abbasbeloved
C08 DLVA1258 738 @DBOB

For now only C gates have been added, more will be added if necesary

About our Event Partner

Delta Virtual officially opened behind its founder @anon2063420 on Dec. 26, 2016 and has soared to be one of the most active virtual airlines within the IFC. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, which provides the support for more than 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down. Join Delta Virtual here today!

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc. All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.

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Looking forward to this event. Good work! :)


Callsign: DLVA76
Aircraft: B738

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Callsign: DLVA4291
Aircraft: B737-900

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DLVA428 requesting a gate with the B739. Thanks! :)

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DLVA007 and B739 please.

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@ClarenceTheAvgeek @Dylan_T @MrMrMan @anon82246052, You 4 have all been signed up. See you there!

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See ya there!

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You’re signed up! See you there!

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6 Days till the event! Reserve your gate today!

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Callsign: JL727
Aircraft: B738

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You’re signed up, see you there!

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Callsign: DLVA1258
Aircraft: 739

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You’re in! See you there!

Event is Sunday! Reserve your gate today!


Hey all, have some bad news. Something came up, fairly last minute tomorrow, and i’ll be out for the chunk of the day. Unfortunately this event is closed. Very sorry guys!

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You know, just because you create an event, doesn’t mean that you have to come

I’m sure there are other event attendees that were eager to come and another event leader can be assigned to take over this event


You make a valid point. Attend if you wish guys, but I won’t be able to make it :/.

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I’ll take over leadership if you want.

You know, if you really can’t make it to the point where you can’t even be on IFC, PM a moderator to turn your thread into a WiKi

That way, a regular can take over on editing the thread and adding people to the event.
Then, you could assign an event leader for the event or the regular taking over the thread can be the new event leader.

Just my two cents on how to handle not being able to attend an event created by yourself.