[Partnered with Copa Virtual] | MPTO Tocumen-Mexico City| connecting the americas | 0 attending| @MPTO 072000ZJUL19

Not a bad event, changed the title for you and there is a lot to change to make things easier. Use the ✏️ to edit the topic.

Firstly, try uploading the picture again or choose a different one. Adding image links is not recommended and link (website) the credit of the image you have used.

I recommend creating a list of gates and who is attending. This is an important role in events.

You can create a list using the hidden text like this when using the Discource list of tools. Press the image and choose the hidden text.

Gates and Attendants.

Gate 01 - @ Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Gate 02 - etc.

You should change the title to “Departure Airport”. Don’t mistake the confusion between the list of gates or the Departing Airport.

Please remove the “ , “ commas in your flightplan as we could just simply copy and paste the flight plan in the search tool in NAV / Map options in Flight. This can make it so much easier. Yes, you don’t have to type in every waypoint individually.

I recommend you switching the aircraft to the Boeing 737-700, which actually contains the AeroMexicos livery.

Use this option image to select the time dates for all regions.

And don’t forget to link the time with Zulu using this website:

It will look like this:
Time: 2000Z 2019-07-07T20:00:00Z

Now, I might join if I have the time. But unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the event as I will be abroad!

Don’t forget to use these Topics when making events the next time: