Partnered with AFKLM, DLVA, AMVA & More! | Au Revoir Paris! @ LFPG - 111600ZMAY19


E13 / Atlanta (B772/W) / Air France


Terminal 2E (B77W) to San Jose


@Johanes E13 is not a heavy gate, please pick a new one:)

@Todor_Dimitrov you are signed up at gate F3!


I’ll take gate K70 A388 to Miami


please could i have a gate for the a380-841 to bangkok thai


@Matt777 thanks for joining!

@Captain_Tank you have gate W4, see you there!


Hello @Joseph007
Sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to attend this event
Plz take me off the list
Thank you for all the efforts you’ve put into it though 🛬👍🏼🛫


What do I do if I fly to Paris do I have to start flying before the event starts cause if I did I would be coming from Toronto on the Air France B772.


I’d like everyone spawned in by 1600 zulu and ready to go.

@JL727 all good! See you next time. ;D


Sign up now! Less than a month!


A10 British airways London


You are signed up! ;D


Since I’m hopefully ATC at this event can you take my name off the gate for someone else to use? Thanks


Thank you @Joseph007
From what I may see you’ve been quiet professional
Surely will make it to one, at least, of you later events~🛫~


Sign up!


I’ll take a gate in 2E please. DLVA4254, A333 to Atlanta. Thanks!


Terminal 2E - Gate F7 - B77W to New York / (Air France)


@MDoor your gate is F7, thanks for coming!

@Johanes your gate is F13 now sorry, thanks for attending!


Sign up and come to Paris!


May I have Gate K1 to Chicago in the A333 please?