Partnered with AFKLM, DLVA, AMVA & More! | Au Revoir Paris! @ LFPG - 111600ZMAY19


Hello. May I take any Terminal 1 gate to SFO? I will be flying with the United 787-9. Thx


Air India, B788 to Delhi. Requesting a gate please. (AIVA133). Terminal 1 V3 would be great.


@United_1154 & @Cloudrush you are both signed up in terminal 1!


Thank you :)


Would like to take B77W to Taipe-Taoyuan (EVA)


V5 is your gate! See you there!


Thanks πŸ›¬πŸ˜ŽπŸ›«


Cheers!!! :)


Can I change my callsign to NAXV004?


I’m not really keeping call signs, so whatever call sign works for you!


Sign up!


Can i have my destination changed to SEA please? thank you


The event looks great! Can I take an A320 gate to LFML? my callsine will be AFKLM225


AFKLM165 taking L33 to Las Americas 772


@Delta319 your destination has been changed

@Louis_Gouaux your gate is F6, see you there!

@dsflyer you’re signed up, see you there!

Sorry for the late reply y’all.


Hey the event is in almost a month!


Hey sign up!


Callsign DLVA492, can I get L39 in an Air France 77W to KJFK?


Hey! I’ll take off for Guangzou with the B788 China Southern. Expecting terminal 2E gate L or M.


@Doonies you have your gate to Kennedy, see you there!

@IFCaptainNore your gate is E34 in terminal 2E, thanks for coming along!