Partnered with AFKLM, DLVA, AMVA & More! | Au Revoir Paris! @ LFPG - 111600ZMAY19


Alright, your gate is U3! See you there :D




Hey sign up!


Can you please put me down for the Vietnam Airlines 787-900 flight to Hanoi. My callsign is DLVA0320 and can you please put me at gate E30? Can’t wait!


You’re signed up, thanks for coming!


Sign up!


Now Partnered with Air India Virtual! Thanks guys!


Sign me up buddy AIVA002
Gate Z3


You’re signed up! I’m assuming you want to go to Delhi?


Yes correct


Gate E32 to Los Angeles on a Delta A333 please. Callsign will be DLVA007


L27 to Cancún Air France 650


@jakey2_0 & @JIA_345 you guys are both signed up!


I’d love to join! I’ll do NAX 789 to Oakland if possible.


Can I get a NAX B789 to Boston please.


@DTot42 & @Tajay_White you are also both signed up in Terminal 1!


Bonjour Francois,
I’ll fly the green to Dublin at Terminal One.


You’re signed up!


Can I have any gate as AF1382 to Prague please


Your gate is F4! See you there!