Partnered with AFKLM, DLVA, AMVA & More! | Au Revoir Paris! @ LFPG - 111600ZMAY19


I’d love to take any gate to KATL in a DL A333. DLVA428. Thanks! :)


@Delta319 and @MrMrMan you guys are both in terminal 2E! See you there!


Thanks boss! :)


Hey sign up!


@Joseph007 Requesting gate for Singapore Airlines, 77W LFPG-WSSS. Calssign is SVA305


Terminal 2F also flies A319s and A320s to Lyon (LYS/LFLL) Can I have a gate in T2F


E-24 to Minneapolis on the 772. Callsign DLVA1480


B777W to São Paulo with LATAM Brazil i will fly TAM


@IconicUndead230, @samdog27, @AviationGaming and @Swiftlings_17 you are all signed up!


What amazing event, I am obliged to participate.
Sign me up A388 AF to Miami (AFKLM206)


Your gate is K65! See you there!

@Alexis.B you’re not lonely anymore! :D


Cool, thanks


I’ll take gate B6 to Kiev with Ukraine International


Thanks for joining Matt!:)


Can I take an a320 to Stockholm please, they use
it IRL



Lemme have a Gate
772 AF to KBOS
See ya there!


@SwedishFlyer your at gate T6, see you there.

@Sebastian9915 your at gate E26, also see you there!


Sign me up to Frankfurt please


Got a preferred airline you would like to fly?


Lufthansa would be great 👍