Partially 3D cities

Are IF ever considering making some major cities somewhat 3D so say London with Big Ben, London Eye and Canary Wharf then just block buildings for the rest of it for example?

Of course full 3D cities even just a few would be a major lag on performance, but wondered if partial ones may be on the horizon eventually?

I don’t really know if these are allowed, but We don’t know if IF staff will eventually add these but maybe later in the future.

While it might be possible to add “cities”, we all know how much the performance will drop when trying to work with certain devices and performance restraints.

Laura actually posted some photos from last year showing “cities” but that doesn’t confirm anything regarding development of cities in the future.

Here are some photos from Laura. (Laura’s Twitter thread from celebrating their 10th anniversary)

I don’t really know if this request isn’t allowed, because it isn’t requesting a certain airport to be 3D.


After taking a deeper dive it seems to be this type of request isn’t really allowed, however the devs and IF team have definitely heard from many people about cities so they do know about that demand.


Making a small area around the Airport 3D would be a better solution.

Less lag and less development time