Partial ATC

Hopefully I’ve browsed enough other tutorials etc to not be repeating a topic but happy to be pointed somewhere else if I am. My question is: when you have partial ATC at an airport (say just ground and tower) what is the etiquette for handling an approach? Is it a Unicom approach then contact Tower as soon as you land? Ditto in reverse, say you are at an airport with ground and tower but then you takeoff? This is for Training Server (haven’t yet qualified for the expert!)

If you’re handling just Tower without an Approach controller, you would give inbound aircraft traffic pattern instructions eg enter Base/Downwind/Straight In.


Nope you contact tower when on approach. Request landing and they will do what has been said above by Chris, then they will issue the landing clearance. If there is ground and tower then never use Unicom, that would only be used if there was no ground or tower (one or both).

If you need any more assistance about this or anything else then feel free to PM me.


Thanks both, appreciate the wisdom.

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