Part 61 or 141 is there any difference?

If I get part 61 can still get a job on the airlines or corporate just like part 141?

Is there any different from part 61 or part 141?

There are several key differences. From what I’ve been told if you’re going to do it go to a 141 school not a 61. Just do some research and make a decision on what’s best for you.


Why are you commenting when you have no clue. He was very specific in his topic.


Thanks! I was told the same thing to go to a part 141 school, but part 61 is cheaper and I’ve met pilots that had part 61. Thank you for understanding!

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Yea a part 61 may look cheaper at first but in the long run if your going for an airline career a part 141 school is the way to go. They are placed under a higher standard of education then a part 61, but again it’s up to you to weigh your choices and make a decision that suits you best. Really that’s all it boils down to is what’s going to get you where you want to be in a way your comfortable with.


Then don’t reply. Let someone that does know have an opportunity to reply.

I’m currently training in GA planes in a part 61 facility. I’m researching a college that’s part 141. Part 141 basically has higher standards than part 61 does. So some things earned in a 61 may not be able to be transferred if you ever changed to a 141 school. I was told not to get my instrument rating with my current 61 school. They recommended that I wait until I go to the 141 college I’m interested in. It can get kind of complicated indeed. Bottom line is that 141 has higher standards and is most likely better if your going into the commercial aviation industry.


No difference in my honest opinion. I’ve flown with people from 141 schools and I would never ever fly with them. They also usually have a chip on their shoulder. Same can be said about 61(in regards to bad pilots) . I did 61 and I turned out okay. $$ talks at the end.

It all comes down to the type of instructor you have or choose. Pick them wisely. Best bet in my opinion is go with career instructors. They will usually provide best source of information and understand each student if different and doesn’t learn the same. They will contour their lesson to you specifically. You will have some instructors who look at instruction just as a means to build time and fly the shiny jets (these I would likely stay away from and they will try and just get you flying as much as possible with minimal ground work. )

To summarize:

Pick the instructor not the 91 vs 141 vs 61

To be a professional pilot is beyond what school or program you go to.


Part 141 usually offers the CFI course and an ATP. I know the school i go to is a 141 school but we offer 61 training as well. Were one of the schools that has an R-ATP program. But 141 usually has tighter standards to pilot training

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