Part 4 Spotting @CYYZ 10-28-18 Finally!

Hello IFC,
Today I am going to finally finish up this “Spotting @CYYZ” collection that I started. This final section is not from the final day really, but more of a collection of some random shots from all of the four days I was at YYZ. Let’s get to the pictures!

Air France 777-200ER, fortunately this one was actually clean (compared to the picture from part 1)

WestJet 737-600, landing in the pre-sunset (I know it is a bit over-edited but I really wanted to draw out the little bit of dusk)

One of the many close calls that I saw, reminiscent of Friday night flights at busy airports

My Westjet 737-600, descending into KLGA from YYZ

United 737-800 taxiing in EWR, with the NYC skyline in the background

Another skyline shot, this one of a UPS MD-11

That’s all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed my shots from my trip!

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Nice pictures, Especially the Air France one! Hope you enjoyed your time spotting like we all do.

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Amazing pictures! I absolutely love the Air Canada B38M landing as the B737 takes off! Amazing pics! I’ll definitely bookmark this!

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This is great spotting series!
Hope to see more to come!

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I loved the skyline pics! Overall nice pictures


NOOOO, its done, I was enjoying these, oh well, guess ill get over it, all of the photos have been amazing.

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Thank you @NationofAviation @WestJet737767 @VAnuj @hi15td!
@Plane-Train-TV I never use bookmarks, don’t understand the purpose of them exactly…

Wish I could have spotted you! Otherwise great photos!

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The UPS MD-11 is beautiful with the skyline.

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