Part 2. Instrument Tracking Thread

This is Part 1. N1DG Instrument Flight Training Tracking thread.

Hello IFC, This is part 2 of my Insturment Rating tracking thread! I started my insturment rating about a year ago but unfortunately had to stop do to some personal issues. However I am back and I am on track to have my rating before Christmas. Currently my school allows us to book flight lessons 4 days a week in order to get it done. So currently I have 4 lessons booked at the first part of September in our Cessna 172s N738YJ and N738QF. I will be posting updates as I go along! All comments and questions are welcome! Anything deemed inappropriate or bullying will be flagged!


First Update: Have 4 lessons booked in September from the 3rd all the the way to the 6th. Flying with my instructor who has a gold seal and than taking my stage one check the next day with the director of the department

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Update2. Flying N738QF for an hour today. Doing a stage 1 pre stage check

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I am watching you and your patterning. Hope you are having a blast.

Thanks! We tracked a localizer, tracked a radial off a VOR, and did unusual altitude recoveries

N738QF my ride today


I have my stage check tommorow morning! Hoping it all goes well! Flying Either N738QF or N738YJ


Passed my stage one check! Did unusual attitudes, tracked a localizer, did a DME arc, tracked a VOR, did turns climbs decents partial planel. Now on to approaches plus our flight path today


Flying again today at 3pm central. Flying N738QF again. Doing approaches.

Had a surprise flight lesson today! Booked the sim and I flew N738QF today. This is what we did! Who can guess what the turns are about

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Trying standard rate turns or crossing a radial?

Close! Did partial panel time turns

Spent 2.5 hours flying today doing a VOR approach into KPGR runway 4, a Localizer 18 into KARG and an RNAV/GPS into runway 21 into 42A

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