[PART 1] Travelling around Australia


Over the next three days, I am going to bring You the highlights of my trip around Australia. I started off in the Southeast, Myrup airport (YMYU). This eight hour flight is going to show You the amazing emerald-coloured water clashing with the various types of relief.

Just to fill in some details, I was at Casual server, flight time 8 hours and 35 minutes, in a Cessna Citation X.

The first set of stunning Australian scenery comes from the Hamelin Pool Conservation Reserve and Shark Bay:

And the last picture is from Lyndon:

This is the start of a coastal adventure of Australia. I hope You enjoyed the first part! Because of the ten screenshot limit and a topic per day, I will only be posting tomorrow, If I am able. I will be notifying all the people who want to see this, so make sure You’re tracking the thread!

Thank You for reading and see You next time!

Actually, while You wait, check out my other threads with stunning scenery!

Also, please make sure to suggest places where I can fly!


Forgot to add, that I landed at Burketown airport (YBKT).

Also, any feedback is appreciated!

People of IFC, please suggest places to fly, because I am out of ideas…

I’m thinking Himalayas or Bahamas, but need Your opinion on that.


Some sweet photos 👌

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Thanks for your amazing threads!

My recommendation: The Alps, probably from (LSZH) around Geneva (LSGG), Sion (LSGS) and Nice (LFMN). Or towards the east towards (LSZS, LOWI or LIPB)!

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Noted! Will definitely fly there in the near future!

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If anyone has any more suggestions, please tell me :D

Also, feedback is appreciated on all of my previous threads, post away, even if it’s a minor detail!

Definitively make sure to fly around the Nepal region… Do a flight from VNKT (Kathmandu) to VQPR (paro)

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Fantastic! See you there (Zurich is my home base)!

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Love them mate!

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More coming up tomorrow !

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Fly to Uluru for the great Australian desert scenery.

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Currently flying an A320 to CYLT - the closest airport to the North Pole, geographically. The plane is big for the runway and I’ll have to stop in the air and kill engines about 10nm out because of my tail wind; but should be a fun challenge.

I also enjoyed the approach/departure on VQPR that I did about a month ago on a non-stop from SLC (my hometown area). Combines altitude and terrain and is a fun experience.


Wow! I never knew the Australian coast was so beautiful! And the Cessna X is also beautiful! Great photos bud…

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Hello again!

For anyone who’s tracking this thread, part two is out! [PART 2] Travelling Around Australia