[Part 1] - Palma de Mallorca [LEPA/PMI]

Today I went planespotting to my local airport for 2 hours and I want to share with you all some of the most interesting planes I pictured.

Camera: Redmi Note 8 Pro (Zoom x2)
Spot point coordinates: 39.55950488421552, 2.7689227367460245

Alitalia A320 | FCO

Vueling A320 (Disneyland Paris livery) | BCN

Iberia A321neo | MAD

TUI Belgium B738 (Family Life livery) | OST

Transavia B738 | ORY

Air France A319 | CDG

EasyJet A320 | BSL

Air Europa B738 | BIO

KLM B738 | AMS

Lufthansa A321 | FRA


Awesome pics, and your logo is cool too… 😎

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Thank you amigo! I love my logo too 😉😉

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great u got it while it’s still around…

Yes… Sadly it won’t return when Alitalia becomes ITA :(

Hola buddy. Really nice shots. Mallorca is my absolute favorite vacation island. Im almost every summer there since i was a little kid. Mostly at the Playa de Palma. But more near to Can Pastilla than Arenal. And sometimes Cala Millor. Im not that alcohol abusing idiot like many kiddys there. Just love the sun the beach and the people from there. I really hope LEPA will get 3d buildings one day. Greetings from Germany (EDDL) and have a nice day ;)

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It’s beautiful to hear we have tourists like you! If you return I recomend you to visit some villages like Valldemossa, Deià or Soller, you will enjoy them!

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Hello mate! I’m also from Palma, whenever you want we meet to take a few shots. 2 years ago I photographed this bird.


OMG the first Mallorcan I found on this forum. I still remember when this rare baby came to the Thomas Cook bankrupt rescue, but I wasn’t able to spot it.


What did you do to make the Iberia MAD?

Apart of that, Cool pics! :)


Superb spots!!!

Amazing Shot Senor 🙌

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