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They still have an A33 or my understanding, but cancelled the 747…


Oh that’s probably what happens then
Nice klm still fly’s there


Just found this thread, this is super helpful! I’ll be sure to bookmark it for future reference.


Ok, I’ll edit the 747 out. Thanks!


All photos - except the banner - are taken by me.

Airport: EHAM


Polderbaan (18R/36L)

This is my favorite!
The Official Spotters Location ‘Polderbaan (18R/36L) is a very nice place to go, it’s one of the best spotters location around Schiphol. It has a big car park and somethings there’s a snackcar.

Only one sad thing about it: the nearest bus stop is 30 minutes walking… but it’s ok when you hear the sound of a B747 :D

Buitenveldertbaan (09/27)

There’s also a very nice place next to the McDonalds at Schiphol.
You can see Schiphol in one shot and there are a lot of beauties who land/take off.

Here’s a McDonalds and a bus stop within 30 seconds walking.

Kaagbaan (06/24)

When sunset arrives I go to the Kaagbaan, to the end of the RWY. You got nothing here, only a fence and a bush left and right.

There’s also a spotters location at 18L/36R, but when I went there it was closed so I couldn’t see any airplanes land/take off.

Very useful while spotting at Amsterdam:

  • Take a little ladder (because of the fences);
  • Use FR24;
  • Use this Google Maps layer to see all spotting locations at Schiphol;
  • Use;
  • Go to this website to see all active runways (in- and outbound).


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Thank you for letting me know! I likely wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Ok, and now for a few amendments/remarks about my topic:

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I’ve updated mine with more info and a more organized setup.


@racerclc, @xxFuryxx has inspired me to edit my post again. I included Pros and Cons, more info, and an extra location.


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KLM still flies to SXM/TNCM, they just don’t run the 747 on that route anymore…


They use the A330 now.


I was corrected already months ago. But thanks for trying to help


Hey all!

For those of you that spot regularly or even have spotting once at KSEA, where is the best place to spot in there? I am going there recently and I have some extra time on my hands! So where would be the best place to spot while I’m there? If someone can help please PM me or let me know in this thread.



Starling Drive for sure. Been there twice and it’s great!


@Joseph007, here are photos from starling drive:


Sorry about the quality, but I took them with my phone…


Thanks! I’ll quick look it up!


Closed this along with part 2. Keep an eye out for part 3 and continue your spotting adventures there. 📸