Paro GPS coordinates

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Just curious. I get the impression that RWY 15 into PARO (VQPR) is slightly forward. By which I mean, if you look at real-world videos, the mountain on the left doesn’t seem to be as steep.

In any event, could it be that the GPS coordinates for the airport are slightly off? Or the fact that IF 18-X only has 15m scenery rendition means that the mountains on either side could be slightly off?

Or maybe, of course, I’m just making this up?



i also felt that on my Various failed attempts lo land an a320 tgere. the mountain to the right side of start of runway 15 is just too close as if its almost on the runway unlike in some real life videos.

I designed Paro with satellite imagery, and according to it, the runway is exactly were it should be.

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The terrain could be sharper, but it’s not bad…

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yeah then its terrain. as you can see. the base of that peak extends just to edge of the runway which is not as in real life.

But that shouldn’t affect your landing, as the plane would never be as low as that. Just fly above it. :)

I agree with @niks.goen - my theory is that it’s the IF terrain imagery. Trust me @Julio_Cesar, that low and all, it does make a difference. Your image does seem to suggest the runway starts slightly earlier (is aft) via a vis thé mountain.

Anyway, appreciate it only makes the landings harder.


yeah. I’m still struggling to make a flawless landing out there. The failed landings are out of equation. :p

That real world pic seems to show a rise immediately adjacent to the end of the runway. Hard to tell but there might be a road or something above the runway. I’m not arguing it’s perfect but it seems very close given the limit of the elevation data and imagery they have.

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Never Tried this… Time to have a look out there! :-)

Ya let’s hop out together and investigate…what do you say officer @Prasoon_S ready to play some Butterfinger detectives?

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