PARO flight plan

hi! I hope you all are doing well :) I am going to fly from kathmandu to paro but I don’t know the FP can someone tell me how is it? and also does someone want to fly with me? I hope you like it and help me :) ^^

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Here it is, this is the most detailed one I could generate:

VNKT D022C D320D KTM IGRIS D102T KIMTI TUMLI 2702N/8743E MECHI 2641N/8820E 2645N/8826E SUBSU PR888 PR842 PR730 PR799 PR818 PR816 PR814 PR812 PR810 PR808 PR818 VQPR

I used to generate it and used to convert into IF friendly waypoints.

I suggest you look into these two options as well for any future flights that you may want to plan. Hope this helps! 😁


did you try searching it online or using ??

thank you :))))) does someone wants to fly with me?
I am lonelyyyyy am mister lonelyyyyy I ain’t nobodyyyy

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when are u leaving

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Perhaps information provided here could answer your questions all at once!

Leaving in four days :)

From my memory: VNKT D320E KTM KIMTI TUMLI METOM BGD SUBSU [insert an approach] VQPR

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