Paro Approach @VQPR 15AUG1400Z

Server: Training

Airport: Paro Intl.

Why Paro?

Paro Airport (Dzongkha: སྤ་རོ་གནམ་ཐང༌ paro gnam thang ) (IATA: PBH , ICAO: VQPR ) is the sole international airport of the four airportsin the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is 6 km (3.7 mi; 3.2 nmi) from Paro in a deep valley on the bank of the river Paro Chhu. With surrounding peaks as high as 5,500 m (18,000 ft), it is considered one of the world’s most challenging airports,[2] and only a select number of pilots are certified to land at the airport.[3][4]

Time: 1400Z - 1500Z

NOTAM: *Please use the event charts provided below!! Please keep a 15NM Distance Between each Approach! *

Can’t come, attending @AlphaSeven’s event.

Could you please add in the time thing that automatically converts to my timezone? If it isn’t too close to my event I’ll see if I can come.

Sure! I’ll do that now

It’s a bit too close for me.

Ok, then nevermind.

I can change the date to accomodate everyone

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