Paro airport

Today I want to do a flight to Paro airport actually right now but I would like to know if anybody can provide me with a flight plan because I don’t want to put wrong waypoints or have the wrong approach

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… or you can always use, which I prefer.

Just enter the required information and it’ll make you a flight plan.

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Well, I’m saying that if there’s anyway someone has done this flight or if you have a way to get a flight plan to do the appropriate approach direction( of course I know the procedure I just don’t want a flight plan that

Or fpl to if

Can face me into mountains

Just numerous reasons

This is for the more difficult approach (runway 15):


Sorry I never learned how to read it and never will but thanks for the help

Just follow the black arrows ;)

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Sorry but thanks for the help, worst comes to worst I’ll find another flight and one day someone will find a flight plan that rl pilots do

Even if you don’t want to use the chart, the waypoints are listed there. Do you see PRXXX? Those are the waypoints. You can just follow the black arrows and file the waypoints that are along the approach.


And to add to what @Doonies said, learning how to fly a Jepp will make your flying much easier and will add a lot in terms of realism.
Boldmethod on YouTube makes great tutorials for IFR flying.
Learning your SIDs and STARs is all pros, no cons…


How are we supposed to help you if you have this attitude while we’re trying to provide you with a solution?

I’ve taken the liberty of actually going into IF, flying the approach that @Doonies shared, and created a flight plan for you. Add this to the end of your plan, use common sense and you should be fine.


PR777 PR848 PR828 PR728 PR730 PR799 PR818 PR816 PR814 PR812 PR810 VQPR

It will involve navigating through some tricky terrain, but you should have expected that when you chose Paro. I’d also advise you to heed @jet_centric’s advice; learning approach plates will benefit you in the long run.


The thing about the Paro approach charts is that they are some of the simplest to follow because of how well it translates into IF. It’s a visual approach, and each coordinate is marked by the altitude you need to be at.

Basically, as you clear the mountain into the valley and descend fast

And as they say in DLVA… hug those mother f’n mountains (it works for Kai Tak) lol


Here is the approach for runway 33 which is much easier to fly in case you are interested. The fixes you need are listed on the charts as demonstrated above.

It is important to note that you cannot fly into Paro by doing a simple NAV approach as the AP will fly you into a mountain. It will fly straight lines instead of the curves that are needed. You will need to manually fly the plane to hit the appropriate fixes while keeping an eye on the topography around you to avoid collisions.


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