Parking Terimals Airlines And Number/Letters

Yesterday I saw southwest plane at the Cargo place at KLAX

so I have an idea

On the airport thing we have the Airport info, The weather tab, Runway tab, and SID/STAR tab
how about a extra one, call the TER (terimals)
you click it and it shows every airline that flys there, and the terimal that they use
and on the airport maps, there are high lighted
so one part could be highlighted orange
and the text on it would say “Terimal 1”
so for example, lets make up an airport DJEJ
and NorthWest Airlines went there and they used T3
on the airport TER section it would say "Northwest Airline T3
And on the airport Diagram it would have it highlightedplace, with the text T3
So you know were to park, and departed from what terimal

You have my support! Unfortunately, I can’t spare a vote for the time being. Once 20.2 comes out, I’ll clear a vote for this.


Great idea, Voted!


It would be great to have this feature, but it would be very time consuming to have to find out every single airline that operated to an airport and the exact terminal/s that they park at. We could just use FlightAware to find your gate :)

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however flight aware does not work on all flights
and it does not say the gate that the plane will be at when it is at its there desinataion

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True for most airports except American ones

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You actually can go to the recent flights at the bottom and click a past flight that will show you the gate :)

really? let me try that

alright I checked
it does!

however it would be nice to have this as a in game feature
instead of needing to go a website every time

True that, It will be time consuming but nice feature to have

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The only problem with this idea is that there is no (at least from my knowledge) source that the data can be taken from

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Great idea !!!

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Although is super I think a more realistic way would just to have the parking spots and names that you get when starting the flight be on the map as a filter you can turn on or off in flight.

My 2 cents but love the idea…

Ok ok

Perhaps that could be a cool way to

HEY! I saw that too, I think I was the one controlling LAX when this occurred 😂!

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Cool idea!

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Thanks! @Vignesh_S

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I like the idea, however I could only see this working at certain airports and certain terminals, like Newark where it’s only United that occupies Terminal C.

If you see

It says it shows all the airlines that operate there
so lets say newark United and AA went there

it would say somthing like


and on the airport map
there is a highlighted thing that will say TC

if that makes sense @Z-Tube
so this should work on all airports

It’s something that can do lot of improvements …I’m out of votes but go ahead and u wish this will be added

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