"Parking system"

so right now in 20.1 there is the gate you choose, aircraft/livery, and the server!

upgrade to this to make the game SO much more realistic
at the map when you are selecting your airport. at the corner at the screen (You MUST put this info in, unless you are on Solo/Casual) you put in this

kind of like a section on the screen on the map screen

so lets say I was flying from CYVR-CYYC westjet b737
THE ONLY gates I can choose from would be like Terimal XX Westjet Domestic
and at the avriving airport, you can also see the gates and the blue ones are the ones you can go to

and if you are on TRN or ES
and you do not follow these rules, you will get a warning for, Wrong Parking Spot

I personally don’t see this anytime soon. Flying is meant to be fun with as little restrictions as possible on what you can do.

I said just TRN and ES @Tsumia

Still, it’s meant for fun with little restriction regardless of server.

Nice idea, but maybe we don’t need that many restrictions?

You know, mistakes happen and I personally don’t wanna get down grades for parking at a wrong spot at a completely empty airport.

I think a violation may be a bit too harsh. Yes even though it is more realistic and idealistic for the scenario, the game shouldn’t have to punish you for choosing the wrong gate.

Here’s how I would implement it. If you choose an American A330 the first thing that would happen is that the game will filter out the gates you can’t spawn in, we already have that gate restriction feature, the second thing will be that the game will highlight the certain spots green in the Gate Selection screen for being the most accurate relative to real life. However that doesn’t mean you can’t spawn anywhere else it just means that ;Hey you should spawn here because that’s where American uses it’s gates for the A330 but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. And the other spots will remain it’s blue color.

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I made a feature about this, and an airport editing manager said this wasn’t possible.

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