Parking spots indicated on map

Whenever I taxi to parking, I get confused as to which gate I should park at, as there is no way while piloting your aircraft to tell which gate is which at an airport. Especially with a large airplane like the A380, you would want to know which gates are too small, and sometimes the parking spots for cargo and GA aren’t usually marked on the airport with lines (for lack of better words) and whenever I park cargo planes I have no idea where the appropriate parking spots are. I think that you should be able to see where the gates/parking sports are at an airport on the map view when you zoom in close enough, and also the gate names and whether they would be too large for your aircraft.

Thanks for reading and understanding.

As I agree this would be helpful, What I do is search what Gates can handle a (A380) and just use ground charts to navigate there.

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I believe this is a duplicate topic

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I believe he is requesting to simply add the gate selection page map’s gates to the normal map. If so, I would love to see this!!


Yes, we do need this. It will a lot easier to select our gates, and not enter into a 737 Gate parking an A380. In addition, I feel like we should have Ground assign our gates after saying “Requesting Taxi to Parking.”


Sure, this would be helpful, however gate selection is part of the briefing before push-back. There are plenty of tools which can help you already.

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