Parking Position Guidance

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I don’t exactly know how this is called but it’s at most airports helping the pilot park the plane properly. I’ll just leave this here and want to request this as an Feature update!

How it should work:

Should pop up on the screen left or right not too big when near to your parking position/approaching gate

Show position of the plane approaching a gate. guiding it to the right Final position

I think this is a great idea but not easy to but in this game, because there could be many issues by mind. I voted it would be cool but I think it’s not really possible by my mind.

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:) i think it’s possible. Other mobile sims (not named) have this Feature. i Hope they will implement something similar sometime in the future

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Yeah it’s an amazing idea.

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Hey mate,

I just found a similar request with already 7 votes. You can cast your vote there, if you would like to see this feature being implemented.


Thanks for sharing

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