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To make my IF experience more realistic I am going to try and start parking at terminal 4 in LHR / EGLL with the Etihad A380 However I Have No clue where terminal 4 parking is so please could somebody tell me and also another thing I think should be added is parking maps to display parking!


I agree with parking map or at least a way to let pilots know that there is a plane at the specific gate so we dont spawn one on top of the other.


I meant about the terminal 4 LHR parking spaces. Which ones are they

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Try using @Kilt_McHaggis website! He has layouts of all the airports!


This shouldn’t be in Support, it should be in General, please move this post. Support is about bugs and issues with the game.

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The gates at Heathrow’s Terminal four are the ones starting with 4 (4XX).

For a realistic experience: Etihad’s gate at LHR is number 10 (410).

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Thank You So much Guys For Your Help

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