Parking large aircraft at Bangor Maine

This airport, in reality, easily supports the parking of a large aircraft like the 747 777 etc., though IF will not allow spawning from there. It is equipped with a very long runway and is a joint-use airport with the Air National Guard. If this could be updated, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

This is an issue that has to do with IFAET I believe

Hi there! This is a job for the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team). Currently, requests are not taken; however, if you could share this airport’s ICAO, I will look in the repository and see when it was last updated. From there, I can pass this information along if necessary. Thanks!


ICAO code was provided by @MJP_27. Thank you for that.

Like @Tsumia said in the reply below, this airport was last updated in 2016. The airport appears to match up with current imagery, so only spawn adjustments seem necessary. Since that is the case, I will pass this along to the team. Thank you for the report!

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Looks to be done in late 2016.

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