Parking Gates in FAA Charts

I was wondering if anybody knows why FAA charts don’t have a map of the airport with gate numbers. It’s always a struggle to try to find the correct (most realistic) gate to park at, at US airports because the closest thing the FAA Charts give you is just the basic airport diagram. Is there no map with gate numbers for security reasons? Or perhaps because gate numbers are always changing and ATC usually guides you to the gate anyway (irl). I know virtually every other country’s AIP includes a chart with a map of the gate numbers for every airport. Does anybody have any insight into this. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

FAA charts are usually designed as approach or departure charts which are used while flying. To create an airport layout map for every airport would probably be time consuming and expensive.

Some airports do make charts for themselves that pilots can use.

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Thanks for the insight. The charts you speak of that some airports make themselves would probably be the ones you find on the official website of the airport, right?

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I believe you can usually find charts on most airports’ website. Usually, I simply Google, for example, “San Diego Terminal Map” and get something like this:


I look at the shapes of the picture and the shapes on the map on Infinite Flight, and find my way.

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That’s what I do

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