Parking dots at arrival airport no present anymore

Hello Staff,

I did a group flight today and upon arrival at KSDF, the parking dots to show which parking spot can fit the aircraft are not present anymore. See below

Can you see them if you zoom a little bit more? I can see them on my end, just had to zoom in a little bit and they appeared.

nope nothing on my end. Zoomed to the max

I just ran a test, once I landed at the airport I had as my destination airport in my flight plan, the dots for parking showed up. Without the airport as my destination they wouldn’t show. Was KSDF your destination airport and in your flight plan?

yes it was indeed

This can confirm it

also at the beginning at the flight, there was a quick server disruption for our members, then it came back to normal. I don’t know it it had anything to do with it

It will only show up if you were on the ground.

I believe he was on the ground and parked.

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My bad, sorry bout that

I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on this. Not sure if you grabbed a screenshot all the way zoomed in. The ones you posted aren’t maximum zoom.

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i took zoomed all the way in and out before taking the screenshots. But I’ll keep an eye if it happens again.

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Cool, we’ll keep this open, if you can reproduce this again after restarting your device and doing a quick flight that would be great. :)

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on it right now

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I just reproduced this now. It was fine for my first quick hop and now I don’t see the dots after this next test flight. Hmmm

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i am to land and see

now they seem to be here

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It’s an odd one, I need some sleep. Will check back in tomorrow. Thanks for retesting this :)

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yep very odd. Thank you for your time. Good night

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