Parking conflict when starting


Hi all.
I’m sure this has happened to many of you but what if there was a way of being unable to select a stand where another aircraft is already parked when starting.
We already have the same theory when choosing airport when acting as ATC.
Obviously when landed and taxiing to parking we can physically see another aircraft so we park somewhere else. But when starting out, we choose a stand and only to find we have conflicted with another aircraft.

Regards, Steve.


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Noted! Stuff (sh##) Happens! @Swang007 Pls place on the to-do list… Next…
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Personally I think it will never work perfect due to server delay. It can save a lot of double parking for sure but it can’t be stopped.


Unfortunately in regards to starting a flight there’s not any practical way to do this. Too many users signing on and off to track and all that would do is slow things down. Sorry.