Parking Brake Stuck

Hello everybody,

I’ve had this problem happen to me before. I just hooked up my joystick to IF to fly the A-10. I was setting the buttons and for the ‘brakes’ I accidentally set ‘yaw axis’. So, the only way to disable my brakes is to turn the aircraft sharply on the ground, and they turn back on when you stop turning. I can’t press the button, I restored defaults, set the ‘brakes’ command to a button on my joystick, restarted the flight, as well as my phone, nothing works. The only way to fix this is re-install the app. Does anyone know a faster, easier way to fix this?



Might sound a bit silly, but have you tried just disconnecting the joystick and just using the normal touch screen controls.

Yes, it doesn’t work. :(

Close the app
Unplug the joystick
Launch the app
Go to the controls
Press restore defaults
If it still happens you may need to go to each command and hit the delete key to reset it.

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