Parking Brake Sound Effect

I have searched far and wide for a duplicate and haven’t found one

Hello everyone! I think a parking break sound effect would be a great addition to IF.

What does it sound like?
If you have ever been on a plane, you’ll know that every time the parking break is activated, you hear a soft screech of the tires. This also varies on the speed of plane such as landing

How would it work in IF?
Every time you activate the parking break, you hear a soft screech. In the cockpit view, you could hear a click and then the screech as if the break was activated. On landing, the screech would be slightly louder and dragged out until a certain speed.

Why should this be added?
I think it would be great for realism. Especially since you can’t really hear that many sounds other than the engines in the cockpit or from the outside. It would definitely make things realistic.

What it could sound like:

Skip to around 25:00 for the sound
Credit to nonstop dan

Feel free to vote!

Perhaps finding a video could help people understand what you are taking about? Just a suggestion. ;)


I couldn’t find one unfortunately.

I can’t just make one out of thin air…

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Yes, it would be a great addition. Nowadays, people can enquire about it. I hope i will hear more sounds from aircrafts. After a few updates, i can vote for this one. I hope to see this feature.

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You never activate the parking brake while the aircraft is moving. What I you’re trying to say is that you can get a faint sound from the disk brakes that is either metal or carbon rubbing together based on the aircraft. Honestly unless you’re right over the wing or they pound the brakes it’s not too noticeable on a modern airliner.

This from Nonstop Dan perhaps? After touchdown with spoilers activated you can hear the brakes. @Jack


Yeah something like that!

Perhaps using the video above?

I already did.

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That will be awesome

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