Parking Brake issue

Hello community.

I have a joystick since 2 weeks and since then I have a problem on about 5% of my flights.
On some flights when I start, pushback, it instantly says: ‘Pushback stopped’. I haven’t moved an inch and it already says that. And then I am standing still on my gate.
I have just figured out that the parkingbrakes release when I have my throttle over 80%. but that is not a solution actually cause taxiïng with 80% throttle is too fast.
What I do to solve the problem now? I reïnstall Infinite Flight and everything is perfectly fine till the next time it strikes my app.

Anyone knows If this even is my joystick causing it?

Thank you all in advance!!

OOF. I reïnstalled IF and now it still doesn’t works. @schyllberg you might be known with the issue?

Just press “Pushback” again and it’ll do it.

I am sorry but that is not the case. When I press on ‘pushback’, it instantly says: Pushback stopped. I can try this as many times as I want but it just isn’t working. Also just tapping on the parking brakes isn’t helping. it just keeps with the orange square around it indicating ‘ON’ @Altaria55

Still doesn’t sound like you turned pushback off and on again.

Oh sorry for the confusion then. I have tapped ‘Pushback’ multiple times (with a couple of seconds between tapping) and the brakes multiple times. It just doesn’t works. also mind that the brakes UNLOCK when going above 80% Thrust @Altaria55

Have you tried deactivating the parking brakes via the assigned button on the joystick?

Yup. I have tried to pushback with a button on the joystick AND with my fingers on the screen.

Ok, resetting the joystick setting in IF would be another possibilities in my opinion.

(Is this only happening with the joystick or also without it?)

ye I disconnected the joystick. then tried again. not working. connected the joystick again. still not working

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Ok, so you can’t push without Joystick either, right?

ye. I just re-installed the app for the second time and now it’s working fine but I just don’t want to re-install every time (replays get lost too when re-installing)

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If you can’t pushback with either, then it definitely isnt your joystick causing it. Was the brakes problem also with both controls (joystick & with fingers)?

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I see. No idea how to help you further myself, hope you find a solution!

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Yup. I can only onlock brakes by going over 80% throttle. If I’m at idle, both touching with my fingers and via the joystick don’t work. really weird still @Bryce_D

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