Parking brake bug

Hello, for me the parking brake is on all the time and when i press the button it does not go off!

Best wishes!

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Hi, can sound a little stupid but, your screen is clean?

If not try restarting the app, if that doesn’t work reboot your phone

yes, the screen is clean

i started the app and my cell phone anew

The Park brakes are not gonna release if the Master Switch and APU aren’t swiched on

the park brake does not come off when I have switched on the master switch and the APU and also not when both are switched off

Man Idk how to help you, im so sorry

Did you switch the APU to “start” and not “on”?

Please continue here.

Hello, I have read that the error may fix the error by reinstalling the app, but do I have to pay for the app and my IFF-Pro account again when I reinstall the app