Parking Bays - Preview

Anyone know how to preview parking bay/gate/apron locations on an airport map? Not sure if IF has this functionality, or plans to.

I wondered if there was a map of the parking bays that would show you where they were located around the airport so that you could choose the right one to spawn to. This would help so that you could choose one nearest to your preferred runway or depending on wind conditions.

At the moment I’m just doing random trial and error/practice learning where each one is located.

Thanks in advance


You can subscribe to LiveFlight Horizon, which will give you charts of the terminals, and even designations of where Regional, Heavy and Super Jets should park. As far as I know, that´s not possible in IF but only on LiveFlight, yet. You can subscribe to LiveFlight Horizon right here:


What Emil said. Or search in Google for the icao code and than charts. Most airports have ground charts available free on the Internet which tells biggest aircraft allowed on that particular parking position. or jeppessen are good :)


Simple google searches will give you the info for most airports.

You can search for the actual aerodrome / airport charts, or even simply search the terminal maps for the airport (every commercial airport has a website that shows the terminal and gate locations for passengers)

Which specific country / countries are you after?


Well, I did not just say that…

No @Paul_petropoulos, you did NOT specifically state to look up the terminal maps - I specifically stated this as ground charts / apron maps are good, however they don’t tell you which airline is using that terminal / gate. A terminal map will help prevent you jumping in a Delta flight from terminal 1 at LAX

As Emil said, LiveFlight is a valid choice and IMO is the easiest to understand.

Edit: You can actually get the charts from LiveFlight free for airports that have aircraft in them, so if you just go ahead and spawn into the airport, you will be able to get the charts for free.

Edit 2: Apparently the airport has to have active ATC for those free charts so just do what I said before except open up ATC there temporarily to get the charts.

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Thanks all for the comments. Some good sources to check.

Well maybe one day we can simply click on an airport icon in the IF maps and zoom in to get the info direct 😱😊 That would be 🤘👍 truely awesome!

Actually, it’s for airports with active ATC :)

That being said, I do recommend people subscribe to Horizon as charts will be getting a massive overhaul soon.


For US airports: Digital Products

Haha well then just open up ATC there on TS1!

As a controller and pilot, I love Horizon. First the pesky ads are gone. Second I am providing support to needy developers who actually care about the product they are making. (queue sad music). This is Cam, for 1,99 a month you can provide money for hot pockets where the remaining is put back into the server costs (which are not cheap). Look, here’s Cam with a sad kitty cat, won’t you please support Horizon?

In all seriousness, it really is nice to be able to see the traffic and pilot details as well as the terminal maps. He took the time to do it so I skip coffee once a month and give him my $1.99. It will only get better if this thing called global comes out. Not sure what global is, probably just a rumor as I can’t find any threads about it. ;)

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I’m hoping to see this implemented into the main interface while selecting a gate at some point. The above is a great tool for now.

Thanks for the kind words, Chris! I can agree that it will only get better with time ;-)

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